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Abel is the leader of the Magia Lupus and the prefect for Lang dorm. He is the primary antagonist of the Magia Lupus Arc.


Abel is of average height and has got quite a slim build. He wears a white robe, with purple highlights at the back and on the sleeves, the robe has also got a furred collar. He also wears a black shirt and trousers and a white tie.  He has got shoulder length hair, also with purple tips. His eyes are pink, with black crosses running through his pupils. He has got three magic marks on his left cheek. 


Abel believes that humanity is inherently evil. He has no qualms of turning people into puppets. However, after meeting Mash, he seems to have changed the way he thinks.


Abilities and Powers


Main article: Marioness

As an artificial triple-liner, Abel possesses an immense amount of magic power. Abel received his third line from Innocent Zero. Abel's personal magic is Marioness (マリオネス, Marionesu). A magic that allows Abel to turn humans into dolls he can control. Abel is also capable of unleashing a Secondth through his Marioness, which is called Harm Puppet (ハーム・パペット, Hāmu Papetto). It's a spell that can turn anything within a 100 meter raidus into a puppet that Abel can control. Invisible strings attatch themselves to people or objects, allowing Abel to control them.


Innocent Zero

It is unknown how, but at some point Abel met with Innocent Zero, and they made a deal. Abel would give them information on Easton Magic Academy and find an unspecified person, and in exchange Innocent Zero would give him an additional magic mark.