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Abel Walker is the leader of the Magia Lupus and the prefect for Lang dorm. He is the primary antagonist of the Magia Lupus Arc.


Abel is of average height and has got quite a slim build. He wears a white robe, with purple highlights at the back and on the sleeves, the robe has also got a furred collar. He also wears a black shirt and trousers and a white tie.  He has got shoulder length hair, also with purple tips. His eyes are pink, with black crosses running through his pupils. He has got three magic marks on his left cheek. 


Abel believes that humanity is inherently evil. He has no qualms of turning people into puppets. However, after his defeat by Mash, he seems to have changed the way he thinks.



Abel admired his mother for her kindness to the poor, despite being a noble. Unfortunately, she was brutally murdered by a poor man hoarding the food, claiming that was her comeuppance. This made Abel vengeful towards people, and vowed to become the Divine Visionary to exterminate the commoners.

Magia Lupus Arc

Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc

Tri-Magic-Athalon Divine Visonary Final Exam Arc

Invasion of the Magic Capital Arc


Doll Wand: Abel wields a unique doll-shaped wand. He has a habit of talking to his doll, something which Mash finds disturbing. The doll rattles whenever Abel channels his personal magic, Marioness.

Magic and Abilities

Marioness (マリオネス, Marionesu): Abel's personal magic. It allows Abel to turn humans into dolls he can control. He can also summon strings to manipulate the movements of his target. In addition to his human puppets, With his magic, Abel commands a great number of regular puppets, some of which are filled with highly corrosive acid, along with puppet warriors that boast more power.

  • Marioness Change (マリオネス・チェンジ, Marionesu Chenji): By touching his target, Abel transforms them into a puppet he can control. The spell, however, can be dispelled by a strong enough will or auto-reflexes.

Abel's Secondth, Harm Puppet

  • Marioness Secondth: Harm Puppet (マリオネス・セコンズ 「ハーム・パペット」, Marionesu Sekonzu 「Hāmu Papetto」): The Secondth of Abel's Marioness. Abel summons a giant demonic puppeteer controlling a grotesque puppet with a marionette controller. It's a spell that can turn anything within a 100 meter radius into a puppet that Abel can control. Invisible strings attach themselves to people or objects, allowing Abel to control them.
  • Marioness Liberation (マリオネス・リベレイション, Marionesu Ribereishon): Abel releases all the puppets he controls and transforms them back into humans.

Immense Magic Power: As an artificial triple-liner, Abel possesses an immense amount of magic power. Abel's artificial third line is constantly active and visible, unlike wizards who naturally gained their third lines. Abel received his third line from Innocent Zero.



Innocent Zero

It is unknown how, but at some point Abel met with Innocent Zero, and they made a deal. Abel would give them information on Easton Magic Academy and find an unspecified person, and in exchange Innocent Zero would give him an additional magic mark.



  • He is a vegetarian, and his favorite food is tomatoes.