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Abyss Razor is the Second Fang of the Magia Lupus and a supporting antagonist in the Magia Lupus Arc.


When he is first introduced, Abyss wears a white wooden mask, with purple markings on its cheeks. Later on, the mask is destroyed, revealing a young man with long, light blue hair, tied back into a ponytail. He has jagged magic marks on each of his cheeks.


As a result of his past, Abyss is pessimistic, and desires to be useful. Despite his appearance, he is extremely shy when speaking to girls resulting in him stammering. He also fiercely loyal to Abel as one of the very few to accept him despite his eye.



Sword: Abyss wields a sword during combat and is skilled at using it.

Wand: Abyss keeps his wand hidden in the handle of his sword.

Magic and Abilities

Acceleraise (アクセレイズ, Akusereizu): Abyss' personal magic. Abyss creates an arrow that he steps on, allowing him to move at great speeds.

  • Acceleraise Sphere (アクセレイズ・スフイア, Akusereizu Sufia): Abyss creates and surrounds his target with multiple arrows.

Abyss casting his Secondth, Force Field.

  • Acceleraise Boost (アクセレイズ・ブースト, Akusereizu Būsuto): Abyss marks a target to increase their speed.
  • Acceleraise Secondth: Force Field (アクセレイズ・セコンズ 「フォース フィールド」, Akusereizu Sekonzu 「Fōsu Fīrudo」): Abyss is capable of unleashing Secondth Magic through his Acceleraise spell. The field decreases the speed of anyone standing inside it and transfers the stolen speed to Abyss.

Evil Eye (イヴル・アイ, Ivuru Ai): Abyss was born with the Evil Eye. It temporarily prevents any person within his gaze from using magic.

Great Magic Power: As a double-liner, Abyss possesses a great amount of magic power. He's capable of performing Secondth Magic.

Swordsmanship: Abyss is highly skilled with a sword and combines his swordsmanship with his personal magic.


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