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Brad Coleman is a police officer. When Mash was first discovered, he attempted to capture him, but failed. He then made a deal with Mash, giving him a fake mark and helping him to entroll at Easton Magic Academy, in order for Mash to become a Divine Visionary.


Brad has a muscular-like body, with hair trimmed at the sides of his head. He has a small mark below his left eye, only about the length of his nose. He wears a dark suit


He has a stern no-nonsense attitude when enforcing the law upon others.


Upon learning that there's a disturbance in town due to a man with no markings on his face, Brad goes to investigate it and finds, Mash. Before he could assess the situation involving him, Mash's father Regro grabs Mash and takes him away from the scene in a hurry. Excited, Brad notes that he's stumbled on an opportunity to make it big.

Afterward, Brad accompanied by two police officers storm into Regro's home and demand to know where Mash is. Elsewhere, Mash completes his daily muscle training and once he returns home, he eavesdrops on Brad integrating a magically restrained Regro. He, however, refuses to disclose Mash's location and beckons the boy to run away to avoid capture. Mash, however, charges into the scene while taking out one of the officers. In order to take control of the situation, Brad casts Nalcompas at Mash, who easily deflects the spell and the follow-up Nalcompas Diagorus spell. Enraged, Brad casts a barrage of magical orbs that Mash plays with. By borrowing his father's magic wand, Mash uses it as a throwing dart at Brad who tries to cast a spell against Mash. He, however, is brought to his knees by Mash's immense strength. Seeing the futility of progressing any further, Brad strikes a deal with Mash. The deal involves that if Mash manages to become the Divine Visionary; a prestigious title given to those who prove themselves in the magical field, he'll stop hunting him. Without a second thought, Mash agrees to it.


Wand: Like most mages, Brad wields a wand.

Magic and Abilities

Nalcompas (ナルコムパス, Narukomupasu): Brad shots a magic bullet at his target. This spell is very similiar to Nalcos, a basic magic spell. It's currently unknown if this is Brad's personal magic or just a regular spell.

  • Nalcompas Diagorus (ナルコムパス ディアゴルス, Narukomupasu Diagorusu): A stronger variant of Nalcompas. Brad charges up a bigger and stronger magic bullet before shooting it at his target.

Magic Power: As a single-liner, Brad is known to possess an average amount of magic power.


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