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Carpaccio Luo-Yang is a first year student at Easton Magic Academy and a member of Orca dorm. He managed to earn four gold coins, and therefore was allowed to participate in the Divine Visionary Selection Exam.


He wears a typical Orca's dorm outfit, which is a olive colored robe and white shirt with violet tie. During Divine Visionary Exam second phase his robe changed color to burgundy.


Carpaccio seems to have a cold and confident attitude. He has a Darwinism view of the world.


At some point, Carpaccio gained the Healing Cane.


The goddess statue linked to The Healing Cane.

Master Cane: Carpaccio was chosen by one of the Thirteen Master Canes. The one that chose him is called the Healing Cane (治癒の杖, Chiyu no Tsue). This wand gives its user the ability to not feel pain and is consistently active since the moment it chose him. In exchange for not feeling pain, all the damage is transferred to the goddess statue Carpaccio can summon. The goddess statue appears as an angelic nurse with bandages covering its eyes.[1]

The goddess statue going berserk.

When the statue begins to crack after absorbing a certain amount of damage, it transforms into a living statue with syringes and scalpels as a weapons to pierce its enemy. Furthermore, its been stated by Carpaccio that he has no certain control over the statue.[2]

Dagger: In addition to his wand, Carpaccio wields a dagger to inflict damage on himself.

Magic and Abilities

Damage-Sharing Magic: Carpaccio uses a currently unnamed spell, that allows him to share all the damage and pain he receives with a designated target. Combined with the Healing Cane, it allows Carpaccio to hurt his opponents off guard by attacking himself with a dagger, without sustaining any pain or injury.

Immense Magic Power: As a double-liner and a Master Cane wielder, Carpaccio possesses an immense amount of magic power. Carpaccio was stated to be the most talented person in Easton Magic Academy as he was chosen by a Master Cane at an early age.


Coming soon


Carpaccio vs Max Land[3]

Carpaccio vs Pon Torus[4]

Carpaccio vs Finn Ames[5]

Carpaccio vs Mash Burnedead[6]


  • He is the first Master Cane Wielder in the series.
  • He is ranked first among the continuing students.



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