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Mash Burnedead and the Potions Problem is the tenth chapter of the Mashle series and the tenth and final chapter of the Easton Enrollment Arc.


A brief explanation of the Easton Magic Academy Houses is given. Mash now in possession of two silver coins, has 3 left to collect, but his math skills are so atrocious that he believes he has 28 left. Finn corrects him on that point, leading Mash to believe he has cream puffs for brains. It's then that Finn recalls that they've yet to finish their potion homework assignment, which would lead to them failing school and being expelled. Lance then enters the young men's room and disparages them for being slackers and indigents. In Mash's counterattack, Mash uses Lance's locket pendant against him causing him to crash into the wall.

Afterward, in the school kitchen, Lance pulls out the special ingredient Mash and Finn will need for their assignment, a Mandragora. He then puts the Mandragora to sleep with the spell Quientus. Finn then tries to put his Mandragora to sleep with the same spell, but to no avail. Mash then tries to put his Mandragora to sleep, but it only becomes even louder and agitated. Lance then gives Finn some pointers and he manages to put his Mandragora to sleep. Finn then checks on how Mash is doing, however, his Mandragora has grown to an enormous size. So Mash simply knocks it out by smacking it.

Lance then shows how to granulate the Mandragora, although Lance says it's simply, Finn believes contrary. Mash then tries his hand a granulating the Mandragora but makes it into a cream puff instead. Therefore, Lance guides Mash on how to granulate a Mandragora step by step. Still, though, Mash manages to make it into a cream puff. Seemingly giving up, Lance comments that Mash is only good at fighting, and he immediately agrees, which makes Lance question why he is proud of that. Proclaiming that he won't lose to Mash next time, Lance also states that he needs to join the Bureau of Magic for personal reasons. Furthermore, if anyone tries to steal his coins, "They'll be hell to pay". Mash claims that he doesn't need to tell him that and so the two continue trying to complete their assignment.

Meanwhile, a clandestine meeting is held by the Lang Dorm who plan on stealing the coins from the Adler house.

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