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Mash Burnedead and the Unpopular Classmate is the eleventh chapter of the Mashle series and the first chapter of the Forest Arc.


Outside a thick forest, Mash asks Lance if they're going camping in that forest, to which, Lance denies. The two are then approached by a loud and audacious man named Dot Barrett who claims he's the protagonist of the story. He calls Mash some side character, but then the "side character" is approached by Lemon and Finn. Lemon talks with Mash while blushing and in retaliation, Dot spits on Mash's face. He then goes on a tirade on how jealous he is of people who attract women and vows to join the Bureau of magic to rid "Hot Men" from the world. Mash and the group, however, pay no attention to Dot who claims they're bruising his ego.

The teacher of that class then orders both Dot and Mash to pipe down and explains the objective of that class. That is to hunt a Forest Scorpion and bring back it's corpse for a chance to be awarded a Bronze or Silver Coin. The teacher then starts the class and first to go in is Dot who flips off Mash and proclaims he won't lose to him. Lance is next and comments how he'd like to get a Silver Coin and Mash concurs. Mash is then confronted by a student who comments on how Mash thinks he's "hot stuff" and a special type. The student then strikes Mash with an iron rod that rose from the ground. The teacher catches this and comments that he'll mark the student for his apprehensive actions. On the other hand, the student downplays what he did and when asked for reassurance from Mash, all he does is glare at him. This makes the student want to "Break" Mash and heads into the forest. Lance then approaches Mash and warns him about the student and the citations that he culminated for his actions against students and teachers. Mash, however, was forlorn by the magical attack used on him crushed his cream puff.

As Lance and Mash head into the forest, Lance claims they should work as a team to pass the test, but realizes that Mash abandoned him. Elsewhere, Mash realizes that he must have zoned out and got lost. Moments later, Dot appears and Mash smacks him and then comments that he wasted calories he'll never get back because of it. The two then hear a young woman scream and go to check what's wrong. Apparently a female student is in distress by a male student and so Dot casts Explomb on the male student. Trying to keep his cool in front of the young lady, Dot fails after she touches his hand and thanks him. Meanwhile, the recalcitrant student kills a large scorpion and notes if it's already time.

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