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Mash Burnedead and the Signs of Love is the twelfth chapter of the Mashle series and the second chapter of the Forest Arc.


Sitting on a log, the female student purposely touches knees with Dot who tries to stay calm, but epically fails. The female student then calls Dot a freak, but lies when Dot asks her what she said. She then compliments Dot again and again he loses it. It's revealed that the female student's magic allows her to make any man fall in love with her, however, it fails to work on Mash. This disconcerts the woman as Mash's apathetic answers astounds her. So taking advantage of the one that she has under her allurement spell, she states that a certain student is after her named Silva. In light of this, Dot proclaims that he'll protect her from him.

The man in question then appears and Dot proclaims that Dot better prepare to die, while Silva notes how cringe-worthy Dot is. Silva then disparages Dot claiming he'll give him a good dose of reality. On the other hand, Dot then casts Explomb at Silva who deftly dodges and so Dot casts a spell called Machine Gun Explomb a superior form of Explomb. After the sequential explosion from the last spell, Dot flips off the explosion where Silva was at proclaiming, "Die twice!"

Meanwhile, somewhere else in the forest, terrified Finn and Lemon huddle by Lance's legs in complete fear. Annoyed by Finn and Lemon's presence, Lance wonders if Mash is alright as Silva had his eye on him. As the smoke clears out and Dot touts his premature victory, he sees that Silva protected himself with his iron magic. Silva then strikes Dot with his iron magic and in the process, a small rock knocks the cream puff Mash was eating out of his hand and onto the ground. Feeling exuberant from his display, Silva taunts and disparages while Mash is perhaps unnerved by how his cream puff was just wasted.

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