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Mash Burnedead and the Man Who Can't Doubt is the thirteenth chapter of the Mashle series and the third chapter of the Forest Arc.


In Dot's inner monologue, he's in complete disbelief about the disparity in power with Silva and figures Mash would be of no adequate help. As Dot tries to cogitate a plan to save "the girl", Silva taunts Dot and calls him a "Let Down". However, he then offers the boys a deal, if they endure 5 hits from his magic and he'll let the girl go. He'll also throw in a Silver Coin of his. Dot accepts the deal without hesitation claiming he'll be able to handle Silva's magic with ease. The girl tries to warn Dot, but he brushes it off. Silva then states that not only Dot has to endure the 5 attacks, but Mash also has to take 5 hits as well. Dot tries to negotiate with Silva to leave Mash out of it, but Silva denies that luxury. Therefore, Dot proclaims that he'll take Mash's hits too. Impressed by Dot's gumption, Silva inquires if he really can withstand 10 hits. Mash tries to dissuade Dot, but he's adamant he'll pull through.

Dot then takes 3 hits and starts to vomit blood. He then notes his incapability to doubt things, like a woman's tears. So to make things easy for Dot, Silva consolidates the last 7 strikes into a single attack and knocks Dot off his feet. Figuring he won, Silva is left astonished after he sees Dot rise up from the ground and languidly walks toward Silva and holds him up to his promise before fainting. Silva then proclaims that Dot is a fool for believing him and Dot weakly requests that Mash take the girl and split, while he hold Silva off. Dot is then struck by another attack by Silva and Dot continues to beg Mash to protect the girl. It's then revealed that the girl was in cahoots with Silva and used a charm spell on him. She also notes her disdain for hot-blooded wannabes like him and Silva disparages Dot as the sorriest excuse for a man he's ever encountered.

Mash then flings a cream puff into Silva's mouth silencing him. He then openly declares that he'll take his 10 hit challenge and taunts him too.

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