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Mash Burnedead and the Magic of Iron is the fourteenth chapter of the Mashle series and the fourth chapter of the Forest Arc.


Somewhere in the forest, Lance, Ames, and Lemon discuss Mash's well being. It's also discussed about the differences between White Mages and Red Mages and how tougher mages are in the 2nd year as well as double-lined ones. There are also mages that are far stronger than Mash.

Meanwhile, Mash faces off against a livid Silva, who notes his disgust and disdain. with Mash and especially Dot. After Silva discloses his disturbing pleasure of breaking people he loathes to Mash, whom cares not for any of it. Silva spots a section of his robe that was robe was singed a bit by Dot's attack. Before Silva could take out his frustration on Dot, Mash intervenes and Silva counter attacks with his magic. Silva gloat over the fact Mash is leagues out of his own and that he personally managed to collect 2 Gold Coins in his first year. He then lands an attack on Mash and taunts him, Mash, on the other hand, clenches Silva's next attack, and claims he's seen what he can do. Using his "Triceps Magic" Mash 'casts' Ballista Knuckle at Silva. Amused at Mash's silly magic, Silva casts another spell, to which, Mash's attack easily breaks through his Iron "Magic" and lands a punch on him.

The girl from earlier watches the whole scene in disbelief. Now a livid Silva losing his cool over his prior notion of superiority on Mash launches a massive counter attack against Mash. He, however, easily breaks through the spell and lands a blow on Silva's abdomen. Frustrated and nearly incapacitated, Silva laments on how strong Mash is and how his energy is nearly depleted. Mash then sits on a large nearby tree root and claims that Silva only used 2 attacks so far, and to show the difference between them with the remaining 8. Hearing this leaves the once confident Silva aghast.

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