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Mash Burnedead and the Giant Forest Scorpion is the fifteenth chapter of the Mashle series and the fifth and final chapter of the Forest Arc.


After a few moments, Mash arrises from sitting on the tree root and approaches Silva while asking him if he's ready for the third attack. Aghast by Mash's power, Silva acknowledges the situation he's in and that he needs to think of a plan of escape. As if by a stroke of luck for Silva, a giant Forest Scorpion with a star on its forehead appears. Delighted by this as encounter, Silva figures the scorpion will take care of Mash while he makes his escape. Easily and deftly, Mash flings the scorpion into the air and out of sight. Figuring his demise is near even though he earned 2 Gold Coins in his first year, Mash surprises Silva by wanting to end the fight. Mash in his own words feels bad for Silva, who falls into a slump. The girl astounded by Mash easily beating Silva tries to act innocent in front of the muscle mage. Mash approaches the girl and suplexes her into submission, then claiming he believes in, equality. Daut who witnesses this all is stupified by this and thinks that Mash has plenty of screws loose. With that, the class ends.

Afterward, outside of the forest, Mash and Daut regroup with Finn, Lemon, and Lance. They learn from Mash how he managed to defeat Silva and a one-star Scorpion. A forlorn Daut walks away from the group ruminating on what the girl said to him and is then approached by Lemon who asks if he's ok. This irks Daut, as a love arrow plunges into his head. Indirectly calling Mash, he apologizes to him for involving him in the fight and thanks him too. Mash, however, points out that Daut is out of character and the old loud and audacious Daut returns. Lance then informs Mash that he was targeted by the Lang House who are hunting the Adler House Coins. He also details a bit of the backstory on the Lang House and their goal to start a "Great war of the Coins". Although Finn, Lemon, and Daut are notably disconcerted by this news. The ever intrepid and aloof Mash, claims he used to make stuff like that since he was 12. Unsurprised by this, Lance just goes with Mash's answer.

Chapter Notes

  • Mash Burnedead
  • The Great War for the Coins begins.
    • Adler's vs Lang's

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