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Mash Burnedead and the Bone Unicorn is the sixteenth chapter of the Mashle series and the first chapter of the Magia Lupus Arc.


A brief explanation on the Easton Magic Academy Houses, the Adler, Orca, and Lang is given. It's mentioned that Mash thinks the House Organization that's hunting him sounds like something he thought of when he was 12. Also because Mash defeated not only Silva, but also a one-star Forest Scorpion, Mash gains a Gold Coin. Mash shows the coin to Daut, which it's brilliant illuminance blinds him.

Mash then brings up the fact that he didn't know that there were separate dorms. Lance confirms it there are and Finn they were sorted after entering the school. A flashback showing how the students were sorted into their respective dorms by the Sorting Unicorn. The first one to go through the sorting process is a male student named Egalt Vansom. Egalt touches the Sorting Unicorns horn and is sent to the Orca House. Up next is Alben Smith and he's sorted into the Adler House and the sequential student is sent to Lang. Next is Mash and while why the pompous Sorting Unicorn touts his confidence in his sorting capabilities, he's left flabbergasted by what he sees in Mash's mind. Mash apologizes for squeezing too hard on the Sorting Unicorn's horn, who is astounded that in Mash's mind there's nothing, but cream puffs. Therefore, for his ardent and superfluous love for cream puffs, Mash is sent to Adler. The result astonishes the other students because of the in-depth logic that went with the sorting.

Back to the present, Mash remembers that all of that happened, which Lance, Finn, and Daut all recall too. Lance then continues his explanation on the Lang House's Magia Lupis and deduces that Silva was a lackey of theirs. Not only that they plan on usurping the Coins from the other houses in an attempt to cull the favor to their disposition. This is why Mash has become their target and should stay as far away from them as humanly possible. To this, Mash bluntly agrees.

The following day, Mash gets lost on his way to class and ends up in front of the Lang House Dorm. As Mash is confused about whether to push or pull the door open. Inside of the Dorm, Silva beseeches to the Magia leader for another chance, but the leader refuses and transforms him into a doll. The now transformed doll of Silva joins the parade of other dolls that were transformed. Cradling a doll to whom he addresses as his mother, the leader claims only he should become the Divine Visionary. It's then that Mash interrupts by breaking into the dorm room. Mash candidly states that the leader is talking to a doll and that he may have broken their door. The leader then thanks him for addressing that problem to him.

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