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Mash Burnedead and the Puppet Master is the seventeenth chapter of the Mashle series and the second chapter of the Magia Lupus Arc.


Continuing from the previous chapter, Mash says you're welcome to the leader, whom notes he's the first-year student with the Gold Coin. Mash confirms it and is then asked why he wants to become the Divine Visionary. To that, Mash answers candidly to live a trouble-free life with his family. The leader compliments the answer, but claims Mash is still misguided and gives his dogmatic belief of what a Divine Visionary is. Mash, curious as to know what the leader's goal is to become a Divine Visionary, the leader answers to purge the revert the world to its rightful form. He goes onto divulge how the current world is saturated with liberal ideals and that humans are beasts by nature. From what Mash took from the leader's long-winded rhetoric, he believes that the leader also wants to lead a trouble-free life. The leader claims that Mash was mocking him, however, Mash states that he wasn't.

So, the leader, allows Mash to leave if he forfeits his Gold Coin, but Mash refuses. The leader taking the impasse between the two into account, attack Mash with one of his puppets. Mash deftly dodges the attack and incapacitates it. The puppet reverts to its true form revealing that it was Silva. Mash then asks if that was a way of declaring a challenge to him. He's then restrained by a six-armed jester puppet that steals Mash's Gold Coin and throws it to the leader. The six-armed jester puppet then flings Mash into a wall and Mash concludes that the leader's actions to that point were in fact a challenge. Accidentally stepping on Silva's head, Mash then carries him out of the room, while stating he'll bring Silva to the infirmary. The leader takes this as Mash surrendering his Coin to him, but Mash states he's not and that Silva's well being is more important at the moment. Furthermore, Mash coldly states that no matter how strong they all are, he won't lose to them and leaves.

The leader perplexed to Mash's personality, then realizes that the Gold Coin he has is really a button from his jester puppet. A female student's inner-monologue reveals how Mash in supersonic speed switched the Gold Coin the jester puppet's button. The leader compliments Mash's shrewdness, while Mash with his coin, wonders why Silva was there in the first place.

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