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Mash Burnedead and the Magic Scale is the eighteenth chapter of the Mashle series and the third chapter of the Magia Lupus Arc.


Silva awakens in the infirmary and is astounded that he's in his human form again. He then notices Mash jauntily doing his exterior obliques exercises by his bedside. Confused as to why he was rescued as he was an antagonist toward Mash. He answers Silva's question that when one of us is in trouble, but bites his tongue in the process. Mash then leaves the infirmary as Silva dwells on Mash's reason for saving him.

Meanwhile, in Mash and Finn's dorm, Finn along with Lance and DotDot are both there. The two visitors quarrel with each other and in Dot's inner monologue he gauges Lance and flips him off while demanding that he leave the room. Furthermore, Daut states that good looking guys like him should just die. Lance, on the other hand, claims churlish behavior from boorish people like Dot are despicable and should die. They then get ready to duel, while Finn tries to stop them, but then Mash enters the scene by breaking through the door. As a token of goodwill, Dot then gives Finn a bag of tea which astounds the jittery Finn. Mash then chimes in and states that it's just another peaceful day. Lance then states that they need to strategize a plan to acquire Coins, Dot claims he wants a girlfriend, and Finn is left speechless. Lemon enters the scene and is taken back by the number of men in the room.

Afterward, Lemon takes the boys to a scale that showcases how many coins each House has. Lang is the one on top with 15 Gold Coins, while the Orca and Adler each have only 1. It's noted that the Lang House has been usurping the Gold Coins from the other Houses and that they have an exclusionary perspective. Furthermore, the Orca merely care for research than competition, leaving the Adlers on the top of the Lang's target list. Lemon's elaborate explanation gives Dot a nosebleed and a euphoric feeling.

While Mash, Lance, and Dot are fired up to go up against the Lang House. Headmaster Wahlberg reproves Mash by making him clean the owl huts for a week due to his prior actions in the school. He's soon joined by Lance whose reason for being there is to not only help him clean the hut, but also protect him from the Lang house. As they talk, two of the Magia Lupis head to the Owl Hut. One of the men makes a profound statement about time, which annoys the other member.

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