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Lance Crown and the Shuriken Thrower is the nineteenth chapter of the Mashle series and the fourth chapter of the Magia Lupus Arc.


At the Owl Huts, Mash diligently sweeps the floor as he's pecked by a couple of owls. Lance notes how the Owls despises him whereas Mash has no clue as to why he's hated by them. Just then a water spell is cast under Mash that nearly submerges him underwater. Before Lance could react, he's attacked by a projectile that cuts his right cheek. Two male students from Lang accost Lance and Mash. They introduce themselves as the 6th and 7th members of Magia Lupus Fangs. The 6th fang Olore challenges the two for their Gold Coins, while Mash slowly sinks in the water as he can't swim. Olore to "help" Mash with his predicament, transforms into a sea shark, and goes on a hunt for Mash.

With Lance and the 7th left on the surface, the 7th candidly states that in battle there is always a winner and loser. This statement is noted in Lance's inner monologue to have broken his concentration. The 7th then flings his giant weapon at Lance who deftly dodges. Planing to simply crush the weapon with his magic, Lance notices a couple of owls by the 7th's feet. Although he wants to ignore them, Lance recalls how his sister Anna would react. The 7th takes advantage of the fact and summons another weapon that slice into Lance. Deducing that Lance is of the prestigious Crown family by his wand, the 7th notes how weak Lance is. He goes onto ask if left his house because he was a failure, but also states that the best feeling in the world is crushing the weak. He continues that one cannot judge themself without judging others and that the weak exist to prove to the strong that they're superior. Lance gives no response, but uses his magic. Thus the 7th casts his magic again in triple form. all while gloating by defeating Lance he'll have proven his superiority once again. However, to his surprise, the 7th notices that the owls that were by his feet have moved over to the open feed bag. The feed bag was opened with one of the weapons that the 7th threw at Lance. Irritated by the mockery of Lance, the 7th casts his magic to summon a large weapon. It, however, is crushed and destroyed by Lance's magic as well the 7th is weighed down by it too. Lance then approaches the 7th and notes that he fights for validation of superiority while he himself fights for his little sister. Furthermore, the 7th had no chance of ever beating Lance as he always fights for his little sister.

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