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Mash Burnedead And The Mysterious Maze is the second chapter of the Mashle series and the second chapter of the Easton Enrollment Arc.


Easton Magic Academy is a historic and prestigious school that has produced numerous pillars of the magic realm. Its entrance examination is notoriously difficult and this year, Claude is in charge of the exam. Claude looks at the candidates and notices some young people from prestigious families or organizations. But then Claude notices Mash, who is doing some physical training and he is surprised as Easton was a magic school. He considers Mash to be slacking and guesses he won't pass the first round.

Claude appears on the stage and introduces himself, making all the youth surprised and stare in awe at him. But unlike the rest, Mash mocks him for the way he appeared to Claude's annoyance. Claude then tells the students to take a seat and uses his magic to make some desks appear and hands exam sheets, only for Mash to comment that these could have been prepared beforehand.

The exam starts and the students notice the questions on the exam are squirming all over the place, making them unable to even read them, and only those who can dispel the magic would be able to answer them. Mash asks the letter to stop squirming, but as they continue, he crushes his pen and asks again they stop moving, after which the questions properly align themselves. Mash then continued to pass the exam to Claude's surprise.

The next test is a maze full of traps. Lemon Irvine asks Mash if she can tag along with him as it would be more efficient to work together and Mash accepts. Lemon then gets slowed down and asks for help for a variety of situations. Eventually, Mash decides to leave her as this wasn't efficient, but Lemon uses the Levios Cuffus spell to handcuff Mash's arms and legs. She apologizes for deceiving him and says she had a personal reason to keep him from completing the test. As she couldn't tell him the reason and having a personal reason of his own, Mash breaks free and continues alone. A Sphinx then appears next to Lemon and gives her a riddle. Lemon is not able to answer in time and the Sphinx is about to punish her, but Mash returns and knocks out the Sphinx, stating the riddle sounds made up. Mash explains that he thought her personal reason maybe like his and he felt bad. Mash proceeds by taking shortcuts, breaking the walls of the maze, and reaches the end destination in time, much to Claude's disappointment.

Chapter Notes

  • Mash takes the Easton entrance exam and passes.
  • Mash meets Lemon Irvine.

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