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Mash Burnedead and the Masked Magic User is the twentieth chapter of the Mashle series and the fifth chapter of the Magia Lupus Arc.


Rhodes Eamus is confronted by Abyss Razor, whom he tries to fight against, but is handily beaten by him. Abyss notes how Rhodes was the only fighter in the Orca House.

Switching back to the fight between Mash and Lance vs Olore and the 7th. Before Olore could finish his sentence, something swims past him at a blinding speed. He's left aghast by this, but figures that it was his imagination, that is until it happened again. Olore nervously recalls that Mash stated before the fight began that he couldn't swim. Mash then swims by him stating that it turns out he can swim and thanks him for helping him overcome his fear. On the other hand, Olore has no clue what he's saying. As Mash circles around his target, Olore, he uses his secret weapon, a shark evolution spell. Adamant that he's indomitable in that form, Mash throws a punch in his gut instantly defeating him.

On the surface, Lance and Mash collect the Fang's Coins and then are confronted by Abyss. The two try and fight the new enemy, but he's only there to simply collect his defeated allies and leaves them be. Lance then retracts an earlier statement of his that defeating them will be fun. As Abyss walks through the forest his mask cracks and he notes that Mash, is just like him.

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