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Mash Burnedead and the Cream Charm is the twenty-first chapter of the Mashle series and the sixth chapter of the Magia Lupus Arc.


A lone puppet wanders down a dark and narrow hallway in the Easton Magic Academy. Meanwhile, Mash prepares a bunch of cream puffs in the kitchen, while Lance tries to formulate a plan on how to deal with the Magia Lupis Fangs. Mash simply agrees to it, which, Lance thinks he didn't listen to a single word he said. Nevertheless, Lance hands Mash his Adler robe, and typical Mash has trouble doing something simple like put it on. Just then Lemon frantically approaches the two and informs them that Tom is in trouble.

At the infirmary, the once hot-blooded and vivacious Tom was bedridden and drained of all of his energy. He explains that he has no recollection as to what happened to him that led to his current situation. In his own words, he typically doesn't dream when he sleeps, however, on the night he collapsed he was encased in a dark box. Tom was conscious but couldn' move or speak whatsoever and it lasted for hours. Mash thinks Tom needs a cream puff, but Lemon then asks about Tom's condition. He responds that he feels kind of woozy and he can't cast any spells as there's no magical feeling within him. It was if he suffered from exsanguination of his magical power. Lance also notes that there's a lot of other patients there and Tom confirms that they're suffering from the same thing he is. Lemon then gives Mash a feminine cream puff doll. Immediately, Mash inquires if the doll's ribbon is her's, to which, Lemon snaps and socks Mash in the face. Perplexed as to why he was hit and now sporting a bloody nose, Lemon tells Mash to be careful for now on. Stoically, Mash responds that he will and Lemon reinforces that he should keep "Creamy" with him on at all times.

Later that night at 11 O'clock after lights out; Lance and Mash prowl the hallways. Their purpose is to investigate the drained student incident that is believed to be connected to the Lang Dorm. They're reluctantly joined by Dot , and Finn whose reason are to collect more coins and not to be left alone in the dorm room respectively. Mash feeling bad for the two suggests that they bring them along. It's then that Dot notices Lemon from the distance tries to signal her, but is stopped by Lance. As it turns out the Lemon that they spotted was an eyeless doll. The quartet hides from the doll in a corner and Dot notes that even when eyeless she's still so cute. Finn standing by Dot listening to him say that irks him. He then notices that the Lemon doll is going somewhere and the group pursue her until they reach a dead end. The sound of creaking wood fills the air and Lance reveals that it was a hidden magic door on the floor. Since they're unable to open the door, Mash takes a suit of armor that carried a broad sword and uses them to pry open the door. Lance suspects that Lemon is downstairs as is the Magia Lupis. Recalling Lemon's words to stay out of trouble, Mash asks for forgiveness to Lemon and they head down the door.

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