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Mash Burnedead and the Deadly Doll is the third chapter of the Mashle series and the third chapter of the Easton Enrollment Arc.


Having passed through the walls, the other students felt that was cheating and Mash had to find his way through the maze to truly pass. They start yelling at him to go home, and Mash agrees to their points, but given his situation, he can't just go home. Lemon decides to speak, telling everyone that Mash isn't at fault. Claude wants her to shut up or she will regret it, but Lemon continues and explains that Claude told her to prevent Mash from reaching the point and he would allow her to pass. Lemon also wrongly concluded that Mash proposed to her, and even though Mash denies it, she keeps insisting he did.

Claude confesses that he set up Mash, but since its his exam, he feels he can fail students he doesn't like. He explains that Mash and Lemon are commoners and the school is for the elite. Claude decides to fail both Mash and Lemon unless they decide to challenge his decision. Mash then goes snaps Claude's wand to everyone's surprise. Headmaster Wahlberg shows up and silences everyone. He announces they are moving to the final interviews and from now on he is in charge of the exam. Wahlberg tells Claude that he wishes to speak with him later, which is not something Claude wanted to hear.

Wahlberg proceeds with the interviews starting with Mash, he teleports him into a big hall. He asks him why he chose their school and Mash just says that he wants to live in peace with his family. The other teachers weren't happy with the answer and wanted more explanation, but Wahlberg finds it sufficient and proceeds. He heard that Mash went back to save a girl in the maze, even though he was about to fail his exam and wonders why. Mash tells him that otherwise, he would have regretted it. Wahlberg starts laughing as he finds Mash to be one that acts before he thinks, but tells him that there are many creatures stronger than him and wonders if he would take the same actions if he found himself hopelessly outmatched.

Wahlberg then showcases his magical power which makes the other teachers shiver and suffocates and wonders what Mash would do if he was facing him. Wahlberg then explains his powerful magic that allows him to transfer the soul of the person that he cherishes the most into the doll, at the same time Regro loses consciousness as his soul moves to the doll. Wahlberg continues to explain that if he drives the knife into the doll, the soul would never return. Mash then tries to break the knife, but as he fails he tries to stop it from going down, believing that Wahlberg can't continue this magic for very long and all he needs is to outlast him. Wahlberg explains that power can be used to harm or protect and the school's principal is to foster the talents of mages to protect the weak and regulate the strong and that he sees that Mash embodies those qualities. He apologizes, explaining he had no intention to cause any harm, but Mash tells him there is no need to apologize. He goes onto explain that if he had to face him, he would knock him out with his fist. Hearing that, Wahlberg welcomes Mash to the school.

Chapter Notes

  • Lemon reveals that Claude has her trick Mash to fail him.
  • Headmaster Wahlberg interviews Mash and passes him.
  • Mash gains entry into Easton Academy.

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