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Mash Burnedead and the Clean Sweep is the fourth chapter of the Mashle series and the fourth chapter of the Easton Enrollment Arc.


Mash attends his first magic class to learn magic. The professor is demonstrating the lock-opening spell, Optiars. The professor explains that the user must imagine they are opening the lock as they infuse it with magic. The students repeat this with their locks. But as Mash can not use magic, he breaks it open with his hands. He tells this to the teacher and she gets enraged as he explains that he is not good with magic. A student to the side, Finn is cautious of Mash. He also catches the eye of another student.

As they go to their dormitories, Finn finds himself in his appointed room, wondering who his roommate would be, hoping that it would not be Mash. Suddenly, Mash rips the door open and greets Finn. They introduce themselves and Finn seems to think that he misunderstood Mash, who then names all his muscles and Finn takes back what he thought. Mash asks Finn about the Divine Visionary. Finn explains that a student needed gold coins which they got based on their evaluation in school and activities. After three terms anyone with 5 or more gold coins could get into the running as a candidate for a Divine Visionary. But if their grades were not up to scratch then it would not matter as they would be expelled regardless of how many coins they had. They wish each other good luck. Then he asks for a broom because he brought a brush as Mash thought they were cleaning and that a scrub would be better.

Mash goes to the Flying class where they learn how to fly a broom. The professor states that they need to infuse it with magic and say the word fly. Everyone says fly, Mash tries this and fails and a fellow student starts disparaging Mash because of it. Mash then uses his foot to bring the broom in the air and grabs it and says fly after. The classmates start calling him a cheater. They have to do timed trials and the other student makes a bet with him that the winner has to obey the other. When the professor says set, Mash is at the finish line. Everyone is amazed and the professor is yelling world record. But Finn saw what happened. When she said "start", he chucked the broom then mounted it in midair. Finn questions this. Mash starts mocking the other student.

Lloyd apologizes for his friend and asks to be friends. Mash mistakes his name and everyone goes silent. Cavill ignores this and asks to meet after school at the flying ground. Cavill leaves with his friend and beats him up because he was pathetic. Finn explains that Cavill is the son of a VIP in the Bureau of Magic. If one stood against him they would be expelled as he was a favorite of the Vice-Principal (Farman Cregos). They go back to the dorm and Mash makes cream puffs and says he forgot something. We cut to the flying ground to see Cavill furious at having been stood up.

Chapter Notes

  • Mash meets his roommate Finn Ames.
  • Mash tries to go through his classes without the use of magic.
  • Mash meets Lloyd Cavill.

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