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Mash Burnedead and the Home Visit is the forty-fourth chapter of the Mashle series and the first chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


The chapter opens with a page explaining Easton Magic Academy's 'Prefect' system, where each dorm has got a representative that is strong enough to become a Divine Visionary .

Mash counts out how many Gold Coins he has in his possession with Lance. He finds that he has got seven, which Lance says will be enough to enter the Divine Visionary Selection Exam. Mash says that he wants to go home and visit his father, and thinks back to the time that he told Rayne Ames about this, and Rayne telling him not to. Despite remembering this, he still decides to go home nonetheless.

Elsewhere in Easton, Orter Mádl meets with the Orca prefect, Margarette Macaron, and tells her to ensure that Mash cannot participate in the Extrance Exam. After a bit of convincing from Orter, Margarette accepts the request.

After returning home for the first time since enrolling at Easton, Mash is embraced by Regro, who begins to cry. Shortly after Mash enters the house, his friends Finn, Lance, Lemon and Dot enter the house, making Regro cry again, as Mash has never had friends before.After each of them introduces themselves, Regro states that they are all strange, to which Finn agrees.

Somewhere in the forest, Margarette rides through the trees on his broom with two of his henchmen, on their way to attack Mash. However, they are intercepted by Rayne as he confronts them, pulling out his wand.

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