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Rayne Ames And The Most Thrilling Magic User is the forty-fifth chapter of the Mashle series and the second chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


A few years ago, a tournament was held to find talented magic users between the age of 13 and 15 years old. There was one person who completely overpowered everyone else, due to this, an investigation was launched to find out if this person had broken any rules. It was found out that they had lied about their age, as they were only 9 years old. This person was Margarette Macaron.

Margarette seems happy that she will be able to face both Mash and Rayne. She tells Rayne that not everyone wants to become a Divine Visionary, saying that it is only a title. She says he wonders he is stronger, herself who seeks power, or Rayne, who sought position. They both cast spells, colliding in an explosion.

Mash and his friends are playing a board game that seems to be able to tell what is happening in people’s lives. During this game Finn remembers what Regro told him, and quietly says that he will keep these days of happiness going.

Margarette and Rayne’s fight continues, with Margarette gaining the upper hand by surrounding Rayne with deadly attacks. She says that Rayne is boring and tells him to step aside so that he can go after Mash, but Rayne refuses.

Wahlberg learns of the fight between Margarette and Rayne, as he is told by Nerey Shawn. Nerey says that Margarette has the strength to become a Divine Visionary if she wanted to and that Rayne won’t walk away from the fight unscathed. After this, Wahlberg says that there have been many double-liners in the history of Easton Magic Academy, but very few triple-liners, saying that triple-liners are ones who are chosen by God himself. He says that the youngest person to ever acquire three lines is Rayne Ames. As he says this, a third magic mark appears on Rayne’s face as he tells Margarette that he will ensure that Mash can go as far as possible.

Chapter Notes

  • This is the first chapter title to feature Rayne Ames, and is also the first chapter that doesn't feature one of the main cast in it's title.
  • Rayne’s alias is revealed to be ‘The Sword Cane’.
  • Rayne is revealed to have three magic marks, and is the youngest ever Easton student to achieve this feat.

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