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Rayne Ames and God’s Gift is the forty-sixth chapter of the Mashle series and the third chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Mash, Lance, Dot, Lemon and Finn continue to play the board game, however Mash steps outside, the others believing this to be due to him losing the game, however it is actually so that he can secretly eat a rather large cream puff, however, when he is about to start eating, he hears a noise.

Rayne and Margarette's fight continues and Rayne asks if Orter Mádl put Margarette up to this, as he says that it is out of character for Margarette to care about something like this. Rayne delivers a speech, saying that, in Mash's situation, many people would despair, hating society. However, Mash fights against his fate. While this is happening, one of Margarette's henchmen remembers that Margarette distributed her gold coins to the other members of the dorm, taking 10 coins from upperclassmen. After remembering this, he says that Margarette isn't being over confident in facing a triple-liner Divine Visionary, saying that Margarette's skill and technique are top class. Margarette then casts 'Sounds Orchestra', forcing Rayne to move, thereby setting off the spell that Margarette had previously cast, saying 'Check' as he does.

Nerey Shawn asks Wahlberg what distinguishes a triple-liner from a double-liner, to which Wahlberg says that triple-liners are chosen by God, meaning that they can unleash more power than a double-liner and can awaken a wand's true form. Rayne's wand starts to vibrate, dispelling Margarette's spells. After doing this, he says 'Summon Ares, God of War', causing his wand to transform into a dark trident. Wahlberg finishes his sentence, saying that triple-liners can call upon a God's strength from within their wand. Rayne then utters the word 'Checkmate', casting the spell, 'Black Partisan', and launching it at Margarette.

Chapter Notes

  • It is revealed that triple-liner magic users can awaken a wand's 'true form', unleashing incredible power from within it.

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