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Mash Burnedead and the Selection Exam is the forty-seventh chapter of the Mashle series and the fourth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Margarette casts the spell, 'Sounds Shield', in order to block Rayne's attack. After doing this, she manages to grab her subordinates and retreat. Mash steps out of the bushes and thanks Rayne. Rayne says that there is no need to thank him, and tries to encourage Mash to do well in the upcoming selection exam.

Maragrette is shown to have taken damage from Rayne's attack, with her hand covered in blood. One of her subordinates apologies, believing that Margarette would have won had they not been there. Maragarette says that it is fine, saying that she believes in saving the best for last.

After this, Mash's friends all return home, as it is their week off from school. They each have different responses to the upcoming exam. Finn is shown to be incredibly nervous, Lance is shown to be very calm, motivated to help Anna, his younger sister, and Dot is very excited, so excited that he is unable to sleep.

Regro tells Mash that he has heard about Mash's lack of magic being discovered. He apologies, saying that it is his fault, as he did not give him a normal life. However, Mash says that he is happy as he has got a father who is always looking out for him, he was able to experience a school life for a short time, he made some friends, and was able to eat lots of cream puffs.

The Divine Visionary Selection Exam is explained. The first path is to acquire 5 gold coins, however this year, due to Innocent Zero's prison break, it has been lowered to three coins. The second path is the candidate selection exam, and the final path is the Divine Visionary final exam.

All of the students that are taking part in the exam are also revealed. For Lang dorm, Moore Tomato, Dolb Marx and Leblanc Russell, all of which earned three coins, are taking part. For Orca dorm Pon Torus, who earned three coins, Carpaccio Luo-Yang, who earned four coins, and Margarette Macaron, who earned five coins, are taking part. And for Adler dorm Max Land, Aorio Morris, Dot Barrett and Finn Ames, who earned three coins, Lance Crown, who earned five coins, and Mash Burnedead, who earned seven coins, are all taking part.

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