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Mash Burnedead and the Lambs to the Slaughter is the forty-eighth chapter of the Mashle series and fifth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Somewhere in a city, a child accidentally runs into Orter Mádl and apologies, however, he does not react at all, instead, he continues to stare blankly into the distance. Before Mash can enter the arena, Orter appears in front of him and tells him that all humans are defined by a common standard. He says that Mash's existence disturbs this system, meaning that he is not human. He says that as long as he is around, he will not let the world acknowledge the value of Mash's existence. Mash responds by saying that he will take him on, with all he's got.

As Mash enters the arena, the crowd recognize him as the student that can't use magic, and begin to boo, hiss, and tell him to get out and go home. Leblanc Russell shouts out, asking why they are even bothering to fight over the Divine Visionary title if someone like Mash can enter. Dot and Finn try to defend Mash, and Finn remembers that Mash must pass the exam, otherwise he will be executed. Remembering this, he tries to encourage Mash, telling him not to pay any attention to the crowd, but before he can finish, Mash says that he wants to go home.

After Mash enters the arena, the exam begins with a survival match, called 'Deadervant's Haunt'. The rules to this match are to simply find a hidden key and escape. However, this key is in the swim bladder of a Troll-goosefish. Additionally, the participants will have to avoid three Deadervants throughout the enter round.

After the rules are explained, the match begins. All of the students participants are transported to a random position in the forest where the round will take place. Leblanc is immediately attacked by a Deadervant, and the commentator then reveals that the Deadervants are completely immune to all magic, and also says that if one of them touches you, you will be eliminated. Moments later, Leblanc is touched and is therefore eliminated. The participants figure out that Round 1 is a test to find out how they will escape with their magic. After hearing Max Land say this, the commentator says that he is correct, they are being testes on how well they can evade the Deadervants. Mash sprints towards a Deadervant and punches it in it's stomach, causing it to fall down. The crowd react in total shock, as they believed the Deadervants to be unbeatable. After knocking it down, Mash says 'Now to find the key'.

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