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Mash Burnedead and the Brawny Balloon is the forty-ninth chapter of the Mashle series and the sixth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


The Deadervant gets back up as the commentator says that as an undead creature, it will recover from any damage instantly. Upon hearing this, Mash decides to run away. When he is running, Max Land gets his attention and he manages to escape from the Deadervant, that chased after him. Max says that the Deadervants react to sound and have got poor eyesight, so it shouldn't notice them. Mash thanks Max for helping him, even though it is a solo exam, to which Max says that it's obvious that they will all do better if they work together, so he and Mash should form a team.

Max says that the movements of the Deadervants make it clear where the key is located. Max tries to explain why it is so clear to Mash, but he momentarily passes out, due to Max using too many 'big words'. Max then shortens the explanation by simply saying 'Follow the Deadervants'.

Finn is shown to be curled up in a ball, hiding from a Deadervant, Dot is shown to be running around trying to find the key, and Lance sees something that catches his eye. Mash and Max try to sneak the Deadervant, but Mash almost trips over, saving himself by jamming his feet in the floor. They manage to find the balloon in which the key is held. Below the balloon is a bellows, which Mash squeezes, believing that it will crush the balloon with air pressure. However, it turns out to be a horn, that causes the Deadervant to sprint over towards them.

The pair manages to get away, and Max tries to figure out a plan. He says that his magic allows him to change the size of objects and people. He says that it will be difficult to fill the balloon with air, but Mash suggests that they break it instead. When the Deadervant isn't present, Mash tries to break the balloon, but as soon as he touches it, it makes a loud noise, causing the Deadervant to return. They then try breaking the bellows, but after it is broken, no air or key escapes from the balloon.

Mash has an idea, and Max begins to enlarge the balloon. While this is happening, Mash begins to break-dance underneath it. He starts moving so fast that he manages to cause a whirlwind to enter the balloon. This causes the balloon to break, giving them their first key.

Chapter Notes

  • It is said that Deadervants will recover from any damage instantly.
  • The first key is found.

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