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Mash Burnedead and the Baleful Bully is the fifth chapter of the Mashle series and the fifth chapter of the Easton Enrollment Arc.


While eating his self-made cream puffs, Mash realizes he needs to get to the top and fast. He gets ready for potions but sees his textbooks ruined. Lloyd goes to Mash and tells him that he was not on the grounds yesterday. Mash says he was making cream puffs. Lloyd tries to ignore this and says that he can help Mash get to the top and Mash becomes excited. In exchange, Mash has to do tasks for him. Mash carries their books, wipes their shoes, gets him a drink, massages him, entertains him.

Mash finds another book ruined and asks Finn to share, he says no but Mash does not realize this. He then thanks him for the book and the broom. Mash is relieved to have him for a friend. Cavill purposely spills his drink and makes him clean it. He cleans it really well. Cavill goes to Finn and orders him to burn Mash's robes. Finn says no and gets beat up by Cavill. Mash sees this and sees if he is okay. Finn then confesses for what he did. Cavill then continues to insult Finn while talking about dining with the Vice Principal. Mash then grabs Cavill's hair and smashes him to the ground. Finn says he would get expelled and Mash does not care... until he thinks it over.

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