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Mash Burnedead and the Protein Shake-Up is the fiftieth chapter of the Mashle series and the seventh chapter Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Lance uses 'Graviole' to burst a balloon, earning him his key, Dot explodes his balloon, and Margarette and Finn earn their keys, however it is not shown how they do it. Mash and Max celebrate getting a key, and Mash tries to give it to Max, saying that they got it because of him so he should be the one to use it. Max says that Mash is a good person, and that he should be the one to use the key. He tells him where the exit is, and that there is a rumor that time is a factor in your ranking. He also says that Rayne told him about Mash, and that he didn't believe that Mash was as good of a person that Rayne had said. He explains that now he knows how it works, he can get another key by himself, and that he can use this to prove himself. Mash takes the key, thanks Max and leaves for the door. Shortly after Mash leaves, a cut appears on Max's forehead, causing blood to spurt out. He says that his premonition was correct, as Carpaccio Luo-Yang appears behind him. Max draws his wand, challenging him.

Mash returns to the arena, being given a towel and a drink upon his return. He is greeted by Lance, Dot and Finn. Lance says that he is surprised that Mash managed to make it through, as he doesn't have magic, to which Mash says that he had help. The commentator says that only nine candidates can advance to the next stage, and that Mash was the eighth to pass, meaning only one more can proceed. Mash sees Max exit the gate, but he has been defeated by Carpaccio, meaning that he has been eliminated. The commentator comments on the blood covering Max, asking whether he needed to go that far, and questioning if this was a declaration of war. Carpaccio says that he does not need weaklings, and that they are useless, therefore, it shouldn't matter what he does to them. Mash asks Carpaccio what he is doing, and tells him to 'stop that or get punched.' Carpaccio aproaches Mash and picks up his drink, attempting to pour it over him, saying 'Weaklings should keep quiet.' However, Mash manages to catch the water in a cup, and mix it with a powder, making a protein shake. He says that it's 3 P.M, and that is when he likes to drink his 'Special muscle drink'. He says that Carpaccio is calling people weaklings, but he has never met anyone that is stronger than himself.

Chapter Notes

  • Max Land is eliminated from the Divine Visionary Selection Exam.
  • Round One of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam ends, with nine students making it through to the next round.

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