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Mash Burnedead and the Shattered Crystal is the fifty-first chapter of the Mashle series and the eighth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Before anything can come of Mash's and Carpaccio's confrontation, the commentator tells the to 'Save the fighting for the examination!' After saying this, they begin Round Two. The remaining examines are split up into three teams. Margarette Macaron, Lance Crown and Pon Torus make up Star Team, Moore Tomato, Carpaccio Luo-yang and Aorio Morris make up Diamond Team, and Dot Barrett, Mash Burnedead and Finn Ames make up Heart Team. To signify who is on what team, each team is given a different robe color.

The rules of Round Two: The Life Crystal are explained. It is a three-way team battle, where each team member is given a crystal. They must protect this crystal while trying to break the other team's crystals. The first team to lose all of their crystals is eliminated and the other two teams will advance to the next round. The crystals are them handed out, and immediately after being given his, Mash drops it, causing it to smash. Dot then also drops his, saying that they should have warned them that they were slippery. This causes Finn to scream, but Mash and Dot say that they will protect Finn and his crystal.

After this, all of the examines are sent to the Round Two arena, again being sent in randomly. After seeing that they are split up, Mash and Dot both say that they need to find Finn quickly, and Lance states how the three of them are probably in a bad state.

Finn thinks to himself that he needs to protect the crystal with his life, and as he does this he hears someone say 'I'm sorry!' He peaks around the corner to see Pon Torus grovelling before Carpaccio. He notices that Carpaccio has got a knife stuck in his shoulder. Carpaccio takes the knife out and says that talent isn't easily distributed and that it is decided who can climb to the peak at birth.

Pon suddenly screams, with blood coming from his chest and mouth. He says that it is important to live the life that you were made for. Finn thinks that Carpaccio is worse than bad news and that he must stay away from him, he tries to conceal his presence, pretending to be an inanimate object. Thinking ‘I'm a wall.’

He closes his eyes for a moment, and reopens them, looking to where Carpaccio was standing, seeing an empty clearing. However, Carpaccio appears behind him, asking Finn what he is doing. To this he responds 'Can't talk. I'm a wall.' After hearing this, Carpaccio says 'You seem like fun.' and begins to use his magic. Finn calls for someone to help him, and Mash is seen running quickly.

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