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Mash Burnedead and the Wand of Healing is the fifty-third chapter of the Mashle series and the tenth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Thirteen ancient wands are said to still exist. These wands will only choose those who have the innate talent to wield them. They will then bestow their blessings upon their wielder. These wands are known as the Master Canes.

After slamming Carpaccio's head into the wall, Mash notices blood running down his own forehead. Confused, he asks what just happens, and Carpaccio replies saying that he is incapable of feeling pain. He summons his Goddess Statue and says that his wand is special, but Mash interrupts him by kneeing him in the face. However, Carpaccio is unfazed by this as Mash grunts in pain. He tells Mash that his magic transfers any damage that he takes onto his opponent. He then proceeds to stab himself in the leg, causing a large amount of blood to spurt out of Mash's leg. Carpaccio goes on to explain that all pain that he would suffer is absorbed by the wand, and that this ability has been active ever since the Master Cane chose him, meaning that he has never felt pain in his entire life.

Wahlberg is seen watching the Exam and he observes that Carpaccio's talent has been acknowledged by the country's oldest artifacts. He is impressed by the talents of this year's First-Year students.

Carpaccio says that he would like to feel pain, but 'someone of your level is incapable of granting me that sensation.' After saying this, he stabs himself in the shoulder. As soon as he gets injured, Mash punches Carpaccio in the face, again injuring himself, and follows this up by kicking him in the stomach, again having no effect. He continues to attack Carpaccio, but to no avail. Finn observes that it's as if Carpaccio is always on the offence, despite not attacking, saying that it's hardly even a fight. Carpaccio says that it is pointless for Mash to fight against his fate, and that Finn is also useless, and has been since middle school, as he was always on the verge of failing. He says that he doesn't belong at the Exam as he can't even protect his own crystal and is always in need of help, calling him a disgrace. Mash says says that Carpaccio may have a point, as it's smart to quit if you just can't do something, and it's important to evaluate yourself and know where you stand. He says that from Carpaccio's perspective Finn's efforts may be pointless and pitiful, but despite being scared, he stood up to someone how was overwhelmingly more powerful than himself, 'and no one laughs at my friend for that.' After saying this, Mash begins to throw a barrage of punches at Carpaccio, in an attempt to outpace his healing. Carpaccio notices a crack on his Goddess Statue, as Mash continues to punch him. He says that he didn't know that the Statue had a limit, and that this should be impossible. After this, Mash's attack finally connects with Carpaccio, knocking him to the floor. Mash says 'Now I'm a million times stronger than you. Knowing that, will you stand up against me as bravely as Finn did against you.'

Chapter Notes

  • The Master Canes are introduced.
  • It is shown that Carpaccio Luo-Yang has a Master Cane which allows him not to feel any pain, therefore allowing him to use his personal magic as much as he wants.

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