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Margarette Macaron and the Diminutive Duet is the fifty-fifth chapter of the Mashle series and the twelfth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


After witnessing Mash's victory over Carpaccio, the crowd are left in utter disbelief, as he managed to easily defeat a Master Cane user. Wahlberg is also shown to be impressed by this feat.

While Carpaccio lays on the floor, he struggles to breathe as he feels pain all throughout his body. He questions whether pain is always that awful and frightening and thinks back to when Finn tried to resist him, taking on a large amount of pain for Mash's sake. As he thinks of this, Mash helps Finn up, asking if he is alright. Carpaccio states that the difference in their strength is obvious and that he was utterly outmatched.

Elsewhere, Margarette Macaron is confronted by Moore Tomato and Aorio Morris. She says that she hears a 're'. She explains that both power and pitch are the same to her, and that in terms of Solfege, their strength is a Re, meaning that they are the second lowest level of power. She says that it is impossible for them to defeat her, so they should just give her their crystals. Moore and Aorio refuse, saying that it is a two-on-one and that Margarette doesn't know what she's up against. They both fire their magic at her, casting the spells 'Wulfes' and 'Roks', each creating a large beast. Moore says that he knows that Margarette is as powerful as the last Divine Visionary, but the two have them have gathered three gold coins each, meaning that they are top class and they can't lose a two-on-one. Margarette casts the spell 'Sounds: Re, A Drop of Golden Sun', which easily tears through their attacks, heading towards the casters. They both put up a shield, but they are no match for the spell as it easily breaks through. They both fall to the floor, dropping their crystals in the process. Margarette picks up and breaks both Crystals, as she says that she is a 'Ti', the second highest level of power.

With Moore and Aorio's defeat, Round Two ends, sending all of the remaining students back into the arena. Upon their return, Dot asks Mash how the Round went, to which he replies saying that he wants a cream puff. Wahlberg states that Mash's biggest challenge will come next, as Maragrette appears behind him.

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