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Mash Burnedead and the Visionary of Fire is the fifty-sixth chapter of the Mashle series and the thirteenth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


After a brief stare down, Margarette tells Mash that she is looking forward to the next test and begins to walk away. Mash breathes in suddenly, causing Finn to ask what is wrong, to which Mash says that Mike is warning him. After a moment of confusion, Finn remembers that Mike is what Mash calls his pectoral muscle and begins to slowly back away.

In a booth overlooking the arena, Kaldo Gehenna, says that Mash's winning streak may come to an end if he faces Margarette. He asks Wahlberg what he thinks, but he does not respond. Kaldo says that the only reason that Rayne was able to become a Divine Visionary last year was because Margarette did not participate in the Exam. He also says that as the head of the Magic-Talent Administration, he must carefully examine every candidate, and he believes that Margarette is best suited to become the new Visionary. He says that he witnessed Margarette's performance at the tournament a few years back, saying 'his secondth is truly...' before being interrupted by Wahlberg saying 'That is true...'. Kaldo laughs, immediately apologizing for doing so, before saying 'You were agreeing with me under normal circumstances, is that right?' Wahlberg remains quiet, as Kaldo says that he has yet to see why Mash is drawing so many eyes. He thinks to himself that Margarette is a fitting candidate, doubting that Mash has the power to compete with her.

In the waiting room, Leblanc Russell thinks that Mash made a fool of him in the first round, and that he'll make him pay. He tells Margarette that Mash has no magic and that as a magic user she should 'show him who's boss!' before offering to feed Mash a laxative. Margarette flicks his finger, causing Leblanc to fly backwards into the wall. He says 'next time you try to spoil this for me, I'll kill you.' He says that this also applies to Orter Mádl, who is standing behind him. Orter says that he will stay quiet as long as Margarette gets the job done. Leblanc observes that not even a Divine Visionary can cause Margarette to break a sweat.

In a different waiting room, Mash says that he originally only started to train becomes his father made him do it. He says that it was hard and tiring and he hated it. But despite this, he kept going and he now takes pride in himself. He says 'So you want to know why I lift dumbbells? Because they're there.' As he says this, Dot begins to play the violin next to him. Finn stand to the side and observes that Mash is talking to himself as no one is listening. Lemon also begins to talk, mimicking how Mash was talking, but instead talking about her love for him. Finn says that this is a waste of time and that he wants to go home, as Lemon and Dot get up an begin to dance.

An alarm clock goes off, reminding Mash to make another protein shake, which he says is another part of training. Kaldo says that this is very noble and that he admires his dedication, saying that he wishes he could be like Mash. Finn is shocked that Kaldo managed to enter the room unnoticed, and Mash simply recognizes him as 'the Divine Visionary who bullied me.' They ask him why he is there, and he answers by saying 'You've caught my interest.' He asks Mash if he wants to play a game, as he has got time before the next round starts. However, Mash bluntly replies saying 'No. I'm on break.' Kaldo says that he is the head of the Magic-Talent Admistration, meaning everyone who joins the Bureau of Magic is inspected by him. And that if he doesn't like what he sees, Mash will not be able to become a Divine Visionary. He says that it is Mash choice, and Mash agrees to play. He says that there is no point in a game without a prize, so 'If you beat me, I'll grant you a pass on this test.' This shocks Finn, and causes Mash to simply say 'Sweet.' Mash then asks what game he wants to play. Kaldo says that it is very simple, as he wants to play You Look, You Lose. Mash says that is fine by him as he begins to warm up his fingers.

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