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Mash Burnedead and the Final Exam is the fifty-eighth chapter of the Mashle series and the fifteenth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Just before the match can begin, Mash says that he needs calories before he works out, so he takes out a cream puff from within his robes. Margarette also says that she would like a snack, pulling out a shrimp and some tartar sauce. She begins to dip the shrimp into the sauce, causing Mash to ask if she can even taste the shrimp with so much sauce on it. Margarette says that this is a silly question, as she is putting shrimp on her tartar sauce, and that tartar sauce is good because shrimp exists to make it so. Mash says that this is going to be a tough fight, as Margarette has the eyes of a madman.

Dot thinks to himself that the crazier someone is, the stronger they are, so Margarette must be extremely powerful. Kaldo Gehenna is also observing the fight, and he thinks to himself that Orter Mádl chose Margarette because he has got utmost faith in her, this is shown as he hasn't made another attempt on Mash since asking Margarette, meaning that Margarette should easily be able to overpower Mash.

After they have both finished eating, Margarette pulls out her wand and begins the fight. She causes a large explosion to appear behind her, however she does not aim at Mash. It flies up into the sky, causing Finn to say 'I feel it' and Lance to say 'this is the power required to become a Divine Visionary. Show me that you can do better, Mash Burnedead.'

Mash begins to rush at Maragette, who, seeing this, casts the spell 'Nalcos'. Finn and Dot observe that 'Nalcos' is just basic magic and say that Mash should easily be able to handle it. However, when Mash tries to deflect it, he can't. Due to it's heaviness he is pushed back towards the wall. After the impact, which leaves a large crack in the wall, Mash is gone. He appears behind Margarette and uses the attack 'Spine Magic: Hell Fall', leaping into the air and slamming Margarette into the floor.

Dot asks how it was possible for Mash to avoid Margarette's attack, and Finn says that he used 'Back Dashing'. He explains that Mash ran backward at a faster pace than the spell, allowing him to avoid the wall.

Margarette is shown to have been unphased by Mash's attack, as she used a music note to cushion her fall. She then fires off two attacks at Mash, but he is able to dodge them and close the distance between the two fighters. Margarette reacts quickly, pointing her wand at Mash's head, and says 'You're attempting to guard something.' Mash reveals that he had been fighting while trying to protect the cream puff that was still hidden under his robes. Margarette says that they cannot fight properly while Mash is trying to protect something, telling him to set it aside. This causes Mash to say 'I didn't know you had a chivalrous side.'

Lance observes that neither of them are going all out, and are still testing each other. Kaldo thinks to himself that Margarette's secondth spell puts her a step ahead, however either of them could end the fight in an instant if they wanted. Now with all distractions gone, Margarette says 'Now lets enjoy ourselves, Mash Burnedead' to which Mash responds by saying 'Kay.'

Elsewhere, three dragons are shown flying through the sky, carrying Cell War, a shadowed figure, and Innocent Zero who says 'I've kept you waiting, my dear Mash Burnedead.'

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