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Mash Burnedead and the Magical Maestro is the fifty-ninth chapter of the Mashle series and the sixteenth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Margarette tells Mash to show her what he is capable of and casts 'Sounds Fa', launching a cluster of musical notes to fly towards Mash. After seeing this, Mash attempts to punch the notes, however they pass right through his body, causing blood to come out of his ears. Margarette says that a punch will not be enough to topple one of her spells, however Mash does not hear this, due to the bleeding of his ears. Margarette says that Mash is poorly matched against her and casts 'Sounds Fa' again. Mash puts his arms up in an attempt to block the attack, however he is launched backwards by the force. Mash says that it is not possible to block the attack, as the pain comes from inside of his body.

Margarette says 'I should've expected that I'd be let down', saying that Mash is not 'the tartar sauce [she] was looking for.' He then casts 'Sounds: Surround Orchestra', and says that it is time for the finale. As she says this, the orchestra that appeared around Mash all fire off attacks at him. This causes a large amount of dust to erupt from Mash's location. Dot and Finn show concern for Mash, while the general audience say that Mash never stood a chance. Kaldo observes how Margarette never needed to go all out to finish off Mash.

When the dust settles, Mash is no where to be seen. Suddenly, Margarette is grabbed by the foot and pulled underground, leaving only her head visible. After this, Mash breaks through the ground, revealing that he had dug underground to counteract the sound's oscillation. Finn sees this, pointing out that Mash must have moved faster than the speed of sound to avoid the attack.

After dusting himself off, Mash uses 'Quadriceps Magic: Guillotine Kick' to kick Margarette in the face, causing her to break out of the ground and fly backwards. The commentator sees this and says 'He took out Macaron in one blow! What a champ, that Mash Burnedead!!' Mash then leaps on top of Margarette and begins to relentlessly punch her in the face. The crowd think that he is going too far, however Kaldo says that he is not going too far at all, as, on an instinctual level, Mash is aware of Margarette's true strength.

Mash suddenly stops his barrage of attacks, as Margarette says 'This is what I sought. Now I'll show you what I'm capable of.' She then gets up onto her feet and casts 'Sounds: Metamorphosis'. This causes a massive amount of magic to erupt from Margarette's body, and Lance recognizes it as a spell that unleashes magic power.

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