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Mash Burnedead and the Academy Hierarchy is the sixth chapter of the Mashle series and the sixth chapter of the Easton Enrollment Arc.


Mash admits that he did a bad thing. The Vice-Principal, having seen everything says that he did. The VP says that Finn and Mash will be held in a conference debating their roles in the incident. The VP talks of Cavill and Mash's different hierarchy and how their punishments would be severe. Mash then knees him in the face and everyone is surprised. Mash explains that the VP was not open to reason so that's why he hit him. He then continues to sound like a serial killer. He gets up and tries a spell on him but Mash smashes a cream puff in his face. He then picks him up and buries him into the ground. VP says he can expel him and Mash says he can bury him.

The next day Mash is called to the headmasters' office. HE assumes that he's there because he baked cream puffs in the dorm kitchen without permission, but that is obviously not the case. The headmaster talks about the incident yesterday and shoes him a letter of expulsion that he was given. He then says the hierarchy of the world. Headmaster says that what Mash did is unforgivable. He then continues to burn the letter and state that a world where caring is at a disadvantage is bad. He explains why he took the position of headmaster. And hopes that Mash will become a Divine Visionary. He then repeats how to become a divine visionary but Mash could not understand, so he puts it in simpler terms. Headmaster says he will handle the Bureau of Magic and encourages Mash. He then says in his mind that mash has one more trial. Te next day there was an inter dorm match of the sport, Duelo. Players fly in the air trying to put a ball through a goal. Mash was recruited because of his fantastic performance the other day. The winner gets a silver coin.

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