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Mash Burnedead and the Sinful Change is the sixtieth chapter of the Mashle series and the seventeenth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


At the Bureau of Magic, Ryoh Grantz wonders how Mash is doing, when Nerey Shawn bursts into the room, telling him that Innocent Zero are on the move. Ryoh presumes that it is one of their leaders, and tells Nerey to get Security on it immediately and that Orter and Kaldo will need to buy some time. However, Nerey says that it is 'Innocent Zero themself', which causes Ryoh to say 'well that's not good.'

Margarette casts 'Sound Metamophose', which causes a large amount of magic energy to come off of her body. She hunches over and begins to scream, changing shape as she does so. Someone in the crowd says that they have never felt magical power that strong. As they say this, a large cloud of black energy erupts from Margarette. Once it disappears, it reveals Margarette, however she is much smaller and has got medium length hair. She says 'Just look what you've made me become. You're quite... sinful.' She also says that she is not just younger, but now also has full access to her true magic power.

She demonstrates this by appearing next to Mash, snapping her fingers and blowing into his ear. This causes his entire body to tremble and knocks him to the floor. The crowd observes how Margarette managed to move instantaneously, and also assumes that Mash's weak-point is his ears.

Margarette explains that by releasing her magic power, it unleashes the spells that she can use. She then goes on to say, 'Which means, right now, I', however, Mash interrupts her before she can finish. He gets up and tries to punch Margarette, however she disappears. After a moment of confusion from the crowd, Margarette reveals that she is sitting above them, on the top of the Colosseum's wall. Finishing her sentence that Mash had interrupted, she says that she is 'sound itself', appearing in front of Mash and kicking him in the chest.

Mash questions if Margarette is also a 'muscle type', but she replies by saying 'of course not.' At incredible speed, she begins to circle around Mash. Kaldo observes that, due to Margarette's magic allowing her to move at the speed of sound, Mash will need to break the sonic barrier in order to attack her. Margarette then begins to continuously attack Mash at incredible speed, which causes Finn and Dot to think that it is impossible for Mash to win, as by the time Mash hears the snap of Margarette's fingers, he has already been hit.

Margarette then snaps her fingers, launching an attack at Mash. She then appears above him, only to find that he is gone. Kaldo states that Mash made use of the properties of sound, as it travels faster through liquids than gases, and faster through solids than gases. By touching the wall, Mash was able to perceive the attack the moment before it occurred. He says that in order to pull this off, Mash would need 'otherworldly reflexes.'

Margarette goes to snap her fingers again, however she finds that they are covered in tartar sauce, meaning she can't snap them properly. Mash then charges at Margarette and clotheslines her into the ground.

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