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Mash Burnedead and the Sonic Chase is the sixty-first chapter of the Mashle series and the eighteenth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


After seeing Mash slam Margarette into the ground, Dot asks 'Does Mash have him, ya think?' Lance replies saying that it was a temporary solution and that it is still anyone's game. He thinks to himself that Margarette still has her secondth spell, and due to this, things may get much worse for Mash.

After getting up from Mash's attack, Margarette admits that Mash is a worthy opponent and uses 'Sounds Secondth: Death Gong', causing a large bell to appear above the two fighters. Mash questions what it is and Margarette tells her that it will incapacitate anyone who hears it, without exception. She says that in one minute, it will ring and cover a two kilometre area. She also says that there is only one way to stop it, and that is to steal her wand. She reminds Mash that she can still move at the speed of sound, challenging Mash to catch her within the minute, or he will lose.

Finn says that Mash is fast, but not 'that fast.' Dot also says that it is impossible for Mash to catch her. Lance then says that Mash's only advantage is that they are confined to the arena. He then thinks to himself that if Margarette is fleeing from him, he cannot catch her like he did before.

Margarette says 'Let us begin' and starts to circle around Mash at incredible speed. Mash tries to grab her, but she is easily able to dodge. Mash repeatedly tries to catch her but Margarette keeps on dodging and says 'It's useless! Just 30 seconds left.' She begins to count down as Mash keeps trying to catch her, until there are only ten seconds left, when Mash jams his fingers into the ground and rips it up, cornering Margarette.

He then rushes towards Margarette, who thinks to herself'my two choices are right or left.' Before she can decide which way to go, Mash dashes to the right. This causes Margarette to think that Mash guessed that he wouldn't be able to rely on his reflexes, so he guess which way Margarette would move and tried to catch her. After seeing this, Margarette begins to move to the left, when all of a sudden, Mash begins to move left as well.

Seeing this causes Tom Knowles, who is sitting in the audience, to observe that Mash performed a body feint, which he says is one of the most basic skills in all sports. He says that he maneuvered his torso in one direction to draw Margarette's eye, while he shifted his body in the other direction, tricking Margarette.

Margarette thinks to herself that there is enough distance between the two for Mash not to be able to reach her. However, Mash stretches out as far as he possibly can, grabbing Margarette with just his pinky finger. After grabbing her, he slams her into the ground and grabs her wand, snapping it. This causes the 'Death Gong' to disappear, and the crowd to erupt in cheers, saying 'Mash is one step away from Visionary!'

As she lies on the ground, Margarette laughs and says 'All that without magic. I'm smitten. I accept defeat.' After she says this, the sky begins to crack and a large claw appears. After this, three dragons appear, carrying the members of Innocent Zero, who's leader says 'Greetings to all of you.'

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