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Mash Burnedead and the Great Danger is the sixty-second chapter of the Mashle series and the nineteenth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


After saying his greetings, Innocent Zero lifts up his finger, causing time to stop. After doing this, he steps down into the Colosseum and approaches Mash, saying that he was looking for him. Touching Mash's face, he calls him beautiful and says 'I didn't think I'd find you alive. The despair I felt when I thought I lost you. My dear, sweet son.' He then says that once he absorbs Mash, he will be complete. However, before he can do anything, Wahlberg appears and tells him to 'Stop', saying that he will not hand Mash over to them.

The Unnamed Innocent Zero Member notices how Wahlberg did not even bat an eye at 'dark magic capable of stopping time.' However, he also says that they were prepared to face Wahlberg. As he thinks this, he envisions a large axe slicing through his body. Wahlberg takes off his hat and glasses and says 'If that scares you, then back off, you insignificant speck!'

This causes the man to shake in fear, however Innocent Zero calms him down and tells Wahlberg not to 'treat [his] dear allies so harshly. You'll make me sad.' Wahlberg then asks him what his goal is, and Innocent Zero replies saying that his goal is 'to become the perfect human. Undying, forever beautiful, powerful... That's all I want.' Wahlberg calls his goals 'banal' and asks if he would sacrifice other people for this goal.

Innocent Zero questions why this would be a problem, saying that he doesn't see what is so hard to understand. He says that his family exists for his sake and 'Mash Burnedead is no different. He exists for me. He's mine. So I'm taking him home.' After hearing this, Wahlberg laughs and says 'It would seem we're destined to be opposed.' He also says that Mash will become a become of hope for the world and that if he wants to take Mash, Father will have to get past him first. As he says this, two extra lines appear on his face and his wand begins to transform.

After seeing this, Innocent Zero says 'It's been decades since we last crossed wands', with two extra lines appearing on his face as he says it. He then says 'Summon Chronos, God of Time' and Wahlberg says 'Summon Uranus, God of Sky'.

Chapter Notes

  • Mash is revealed to be Innocent Zero's son.
  • Wahlberg and Innocent Zero are both revealed to have three magic marks.
    • Wahlberg is able to summon Uranus, God of Sky.
    • Innocent Zero is able to summon Chronos, God of Time.

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