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Mash Burnedead and the Tall Tower is the sixty-third chapter of the Mashle series and the twentieth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


After casting ‘Summon Chronos’, Innocent Zero casts another spell that summons a swarm of dark, one-eyed, humanoid creatures. He says that he has no need for anyone except Mash and that he will 'end' them all. Wahlberg then says 'Ha!', and unleashes some of his magical power. This frees Mash, Lance, Margarette, Kaldo and Dot from Innocent Zero's time stopping spell. He says that he will explain everything later and tells them to protect the other students.

Lance and Dot, who are standing next to each other, begin to fight off some of the creatures. Kaldo thinks to himself that he has to help Wahlberg, but before he has a chance to do anything, one of the creatures jumps at him. After clashing with them, he observes that every single one of them has the strength of a double-liner.

Innocent Zero says to Wahlberg, 'You've left this in the hands of so few.' Wahlberg replies telling him to worry about himself. After saying this, the two of them teleport elsewhere, floating somewhere in the sky. Wahlberg says that this will allow them to fight uninterrupted.

Dot says that they aren't even making a dent in the army's size, but Lance tells him that support will come, so they just have to keep holding on. As he says this, a large tower appears, with an even bigger ball of spikes flying above it. They notice that Cell War is standing on top of the tower, holding his arms up towards the ball.

Margarette points out how the creatures are attacking all of them, expect from Mash, who is standing still by himself. She then says that expects that they have got some surefire way of stopping him. Dot asks how Margarette would know this, to which she replies saying that it is because of her 'woman's intuition.'

Dot shouts over to Mash, telling him that they will deal with the horde, and how he should go after Cell. After hearing this, Mash runs towards the tower. Dot thinks to himself that climbing the tower will take too long, and Mash will be an open target the entire time that he is climbing. After standing at the base of the tower for a few moments, Mash kicks it, breaking off a large chunk of it. He then kicks it a numerous more times, leaving only the small section that Cell is standing on. After landing, Cell says 'We meet again, Mash Burnedead. Destroying my tower did nothing. You must defeat-' however before he can finish his sentence, he is interrupted by Mash who says 'Y-Yeah... b-been a while... we, um, sat next to each other... at the entrance ceremony, right?'

Chapter Notes

  • Father summons a large group of humanoid creatures, which according to Kaldo Gehenna, each have the power of a double-liner.
  • Wahlberg frees Mash, Kaldo, Margarette, Lance and Dot Father's time spell.
  • Both Father and Wahlberg fly up into the sky, so that they can battle without interruptions.
  • Cell War erects a large tower, and holds a large ball of spikes above the Colosseum.
    • Mash destroys the tower and recognizes Cell as someone who he sat next to at the Entrance Ceremony.

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