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Dot, Lance, and How Babies Are Made is the sixty-fourth chapter of the Mashle series and the twenty-first chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


As Dot fights off the creatures, he notices that there is a baby on the battlefield. As he looks over at it, it says 'Baebiez', turning Dot into a baby. It then begins to laugh and transform. He says that his name is Sitter Baby and that he is on of The Criminal Canes, Innocent Zero's group of six death row inmates. He says that his magic can turn anyone into a baby, making them become weak and helpless.

Dot attempts to use his magic, however he finds that it does not work. He then begin to run away, looking for Lance. He finds him and attempts to talk to him, but Lance cannot understand him as he only hears baby noises. Sitter Baby casts 'Baebiez' again, but Lance is able to grab Dot and dodge it.

Four of the creatures jump at Lance but he is able to stop them with his gravity magic. He then realizes that he will have to fight off the creatures while protecting Dot. As Lance is fighting, Dot notices a baby rattle on the floor and begins to crawl towards it. Lance notices this and runs towards him, but he is turned into a baby as well. Being a baby, Lance can no longer talk, however Dot says to himself that he will be annoyed at him.

Another of the creatures attacks them and they are barely able to dodge it. Another baby rattle appears and the two of them crawl over to it. Dot thinks to himself 'My baby instincts can't resist a toy' and Lance thinks 'I require more self-control.' Sitter Baby says that their defeat was decided as soon as he cast his spell and that in baby form, they cannot use anymore than ten percent of their magic power. He also says 'there's nothing better than a one-sided fight against the powerless.'

He then tells the creatures to attack them, but Lance casts 'Sectional Graviole', crushing Sitter Baby into the floor. Sitter Baby questions how it is possible for Lance to still use his magic. Dot thinks to himself that restricting Lance's power didn't make much of a difference to him as he was able cover for the loss of power by focusing all of his magic into one spot. He also thinks that Lance was up against a wuss with tough magic, and that he is definitely this year's top student for a reason.

Kaldo thinks to himself that it is rare to find magic users whose talent defies their age, but he wouldn't expect any less from Easton. Cell War says 'Don't tell me you forgot about me?' to Mash, who after a moment of deliberation says 'I'm so sorry.'

Chapter Notes

  • This is the first chapter title to feature more than one character.
    • It is also the first chapter title to feature only a character's first name.
  • Innocent Zero's 'Criminal Canes' are introduced. They are a group of six death row inmates that Innocent Zero broke out of Hecatrice.

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