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Mash Burnedead and Running in the Rain is the sixty-fifth chapter of the Mashle series and the twenty-second chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Ryoh Grantz and Nerey Shawn fly through the sky riding brooms. Nerey asks what Innocent Zero and Wahlberg's relationship is. Ryoh explains that the society that they currently live in was built up by one great magic user. This man was the architect of what would become the Divine Visionary. His name was Adam Jobs, and there was not a single person who could stand up to his dark magic. He says Innocent Zero and Wahlberg were Adam's strongest pupils. After hearing this Nerey asks if Wahlberg and Innocent Zero are equal in power. Ryoh says that they are, meaning that Innocent Zero must have a trump card if he is launching a direct assault.

Innocent Zero asks Wahlberg 'Are you as happy to see me as I am to see you?' He then takes off his hood, revealing a featureless face, which shocks Wahlberg. Innocent Zero then puts his hand on his face, causing it to transform. He asks 'Would you still call me a friend if I looked like this?' As he does this, he transforms into his past self. As he does this, Wahlberg says that he has abandoned his humanity, but Innocent Zero denies it, saying that he is more human than anyone. He then says that '[he has] very human desires, There's no limit to my greed. Why, today I except to bring Mash Burnedead back and also to kill you, Wahlberg.' After he says this, he casts 'Timez - The Living Dead', which Wahlberg says is a forbidden spell.

Cell asks Mash if he actually forgot about him, however Mash does not answer, as he only sees Cell as a talking cream puff. Cell says that he will kill him and attacks Mash, but he is able to dodge it. He then says 'I heard your little friend survived. Tough as a roach, that one. After I get rid of you, I'll be sure to finish the job.' He then casts 'Carborain', launching it towards Mash.

Dot continues to fight off the creatures. As he does this, he hopes that Mash is okay, seeing Cell's attacks. He thinks to himself that when they last fought, Mash hid in Abel's doll to get close to Cell, however this time he is all alone.

Cell watches in shock as Mash runs across his magic. When Mash reaches Cell, he punches him in the face and knocks him to the ground. Cell thinks to himself how last time Mash was barely able to keep up with his attacks, wondering how he can fight him evenly now. Mash says 'I remember you now. You're the thorny one. But I've already seen your trick once. So, you know... it's kinda played out.'

Chapter Notes

  • Ryoh Grantz and Nerey Shawn are shown to be flying on brooms while taking about Wahlberg and Innocent Zero's past together.
    • Ryoh says that they were both students of Adam.
  • Adam is said to have been the one who built up the current society. He was the architect of the Divine Visionary and someone who's dark magic was unparalleled.
  • Innocent Zero takes his hood off, revealing a face without any features. He then transforms to look like his past self.
  • Innocent Zero says that his plan is to kill Wahlberg and take Mash.

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