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Mash Burnedead and the Weighty Revelation is the sixty-sixth chapter of the Mashle series and the twenty-third chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Adam Jobs was blessed with overwhelming magical ability. He was the most powerful magic user the world had seen in centuries. He had a great influence over the world, from his magi education to the establishment of the Bureau of Magic. In his later years, he dedicated himself to helping those who could not use magic. 'Noblesse oblige', the strong help the weak. He left this ideal to his three pupils.

Innocent Zero opens the coffin that he summoned, showing Adam standing upright. Wahlberg is shocked at the sight of this as Innocent Zero explains that he finally acquired the magic to restore life from a fragment of flesh. He explains that it only restores the body of it's previous form, and that he cannot bring the mind back. 'So I, Necross Mance, will be taking over. Marionettes are my specialty, You won't even notice a difference.' As he says this Necross Mance appears behind Adam, controlling him like a puppet.

Wahlberg asks Innocent Zero how far he intends to push him. Innocent Zero says that their master lived a long life, however even he was unable to old age. But he has now be restored to the prime of his life, meaning that his magic power remains at the top of its class. He says that Adam was very fond of Wahlberg, asking 'Aren't you happy to see him again?' As he says this, he launches an attack at Wahlberg.

While Adam was still alive and Wahlberg was still young, Wahlberg questions the phrase 'Noblesse Oblige'. He says that it is something that those who do not wish to do any work and only want protection from others can use. Adam says that Wahlberg has got a point, 'after all, what purpose is there in our giving of ourselves for others... you idiot!!' He then asks who told him to debate with his master and asks if he is trying to usurp him. Wahlberg says that he is not, and Adam says that he is just teasing him. He says that it is fine that Wahlberg is too young to understand right now, but he will some day, because he is strong.

Wahlberg manages to repel Innocent Zero's attack, saying that Adam was the greatest man that he ever knew. However. 'as time passes, we must value the present. Which is why I will not show mercy as I prove that I'm now the strongest, Master.'

Mash asks Cell why he is being targeted. Cell asks if Mash knows about the forbidden magic of body construction. He says that it is a dark magic that is used to create an immortal heart from the hearts of six blood relatives. He says that Innocent Zero 'prepared six different children to be raised as vessels for their hearts.' He says that because of this, Mash is Innocent Zero's creation to be used to create his 'perfect body'.

Cell says that Mash should be happy, as he will become part of a godlike being. Mash says 'So, I'm like the protein you need to build muscles? That's what I am?' Cell does not respond to this, and after a moment of thinking, Mash says 'That's heavy. What a bomb-shell. My whole life... well... time for a nap.' As he says this, he puts a blanket over himself and tries to go to sleep, however Cell tells him to get up. Mash says that he was hoping that he was dreaming and asks if he and Cell are siblings. Cell says that he is a 'just a clone, created when Father gave his blood to a corpse.' He also says that he exists solely so that Innocent Zero can achieve his goals.

Cell says that it is the greatest honor to become part of Innocent Zero's body. Because of this, he can't stand that he chose Mash. He says that Mash's life was 'worthless anyway. Be happy it has some use. Now to beat you half to', but before he can finish his sentence, Mash punches him in the face and knocks him over. Mash says that he doesn't care if his life has a deeper meaning, because he is 'still unstoppable. So gimme your best.' Cell thinks to himself that he shouldn't fall for Mash's taunts, but he was able to make him bleed. He stands up as another magic mark appears on his face. He says that his will open strong and casts 'Summon Hephaestus, God of Iron'.

Chapter Notes

  • Adam's full name is revealed to be Adam Jobs.
  • Innocent Zero has brought Adam's body back to life, however it does not hold any of Adam's memories.
  • Cell tells Mash that he is being targeted because Innocent Zero needs him in order to complete the forbidden magic of body construction.
  • Cell is revealed to be a clone that was created when Innocent Zero gave his blood to a corpse.
  • Cell is revealed to have three magic marks.
  • He is able to summon Hephaestus, God of Iron.

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