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Mash Burnedead and the Four Diamond Rings is the sixty-seventh chapter of the Mashle series and the twenty-fourth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Cell tells Mash that by summoning Hephaestus, he has unleashed his wand's full power and that 'magic can evolve in countless ways depending on who wields it and how.' After saying this, he casts 'Diamond Cutter', a spell that launches two diamond bladed disks at the opponent. Mash is able to dodge the attack by jumping, however he says that it was close.

The discs continue past Mash and cut into the walls behind him, causing him to say 'Hey, my school!!' Cell tells Mash that as the blades are covered in diamonds, there is nothing that they cannot cut. He also says that they will follow the target until they have been 'cut to ribbons.'

When the discs come back towards Mash, one of the blades grazes his cheek, causing a small cut to appear. The blades then begin to repeatedly go after Mash, but he is able to dodge them. After this, he decides that he'd 'better ignore them' and go straight for Cell. However when he attempts to do this, one of the discs appears in front of him and cuts his shirt, but he is able to retreat before it cuts into his body.

The two discs then attack Mash again, but he is able to tuck in between them and avoid being cut. Mash then realizes that Cell is holding two of the four discs back so that Mash cannot get near him. After seeing this, Mash says 'This is bad. Four is two many too much!' After hearing this, Cell says 'Oh, now you're scared? But I wouldn't try to run, unless you're willing to sacrifice everyone here.' As he says this, he casts 'Black Diamond', causing one thousand diamond shards to appear above them.

Cell says that 'A wand unleashed via a summon spell doesn't just have its own power enhanced. The level of magic power you can unleash is incomparable.' He says that the thousand diamond shards impale everyone within the Colosseum, and tells Mash to give up.

After saying this, he fires two of the discs towards Mash. After seeing this, Mash turns around and runs away. This confuses Cell, as he thinks to himself 'Why is he running in the opposite direction?! What's he doing?! Is he abandoning the students?' Suddenly, Mash appears behind Cell and says 'I circled the school to shake them off', which Cell thinks should be impossible.

Cell says 'It's a shame though. You forgot I could do this' and turns his skin into diamond. He then says 'No strike can break through my diamond skin!! But I can cut you!!' As he says this, a disc begins to fly towards Mash's back. It hits him, causing Mash to fall to the floor. Cell puts his foot on Mash's head and says 'Not so tough after all!! Another waste!' He then looks down and sees Mash's head replaced by a cream puff. Mash then stands up, saying 'Cream puff party. Cream puff party' and begins to force the cream puff into Cell's mouth. Mash then gets Cell in a chokehold, as he begins to foam at the mouth.

It is then explained that Cell experienced 'Hypoxia', which occurs when the brain is deprived of sufficient oxygen, causing hallucinations. Before the disc hit Mash, he realized that it would be too difficult to stop the attack with his fist, so he instead decided to get Cell in a chokehold. Using the strength of his biceps, Mash was able to cut off oxygen from the carotid artery, knocking Cell out in less than a second. 'Black Diamond' then shatters, as Mash says 'I care a lot about this school. If you want to destroy it then get ready to be choked out.'

Chapter Notes

  • Mash defeats Cell by choking him out until he loses consciousness.

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