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Wahlberg Baigan and the Magic of Darkness is the sixty-eighth chapter of the Mashle series and the twenty-fifth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Necross Mance thinks to himself that Wahlberg is a former Divine Visionary who brought peace to the realm. Even now, he still rules as the strongest magic user in the world however 'that's just in this current superficial world.' After saying this, he uses Adam's body to cast 'Dark Impact', which misses Wahlberg, flying slightly to the side of him.

Adam Jobs' dark magic returns all to the void, using this power, Necross casts 'Dark Snake', sending a snake made of darkness towards Wahlberg. Wahlberg is able to dodge the full force of the attack, however part of his robe is destroyed. Necross thinks to himself that Adam's magic can send anything to the the void as long it touches it, including other people's magic. He then says 'What a delightful toy. Of everyone I've controlled, he's the best. I think I'll keep using him.' He then casts 'Dark Snake Double', firing two snakes towards Wahlberg.

Light begins to emanate from Wahlberg's wand, destroying the Dark Snakes. The diamonds that surround Wahlberg's wand then begin to move, flying towards Necross. They fly past him, causing his left arm, his lower legs, and the left side of his face to disappear. Wahlberg explains that his magic controls Space and that he used it to send Necross' body parts 'a short distance away.'

Necross realizes that Wahlberg was able to stop the dark magic by removing it from space. He then casts 'Dark Impact Absol', saying that Wahlberg won't be able to remove it all before it hits him. Despite this, Wahlberg is easily able to stop it, due to the large range of his magic. Necross says that he is controlling the man who 'once conquered this world. Wahlberg's the toughest now but there can't be this large a gap between their skills.' He says that dark magic stands at the top of all magic and casts 'Dark Tremendos', launching a giant ball of darkness towards Wahlberg.

Necross says that this spell is 'max-level dark magic' and that there is no way that it will lose when the two spells clash. Wahlberg laughs and says that everything that he had used up until that point was just the wands ability. He then says 'if you want to see me cast a spell, then watch, young one.' He then casts 'Space Sacrifice', causing a diamond to appear in the sky and dispell the dark magic. After seeing this, Innocent Zero says 'You haven't declined in the slightest, Wahlberg.'

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