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Wahlberg Baigan and the Magic of Time is the sixty-ninth chapter of the Mashle series and the twenty-sixth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


After Necross Mance disappears, Innocent Zero casts 'Timez Cold', however before the spell can have any effect, Wahlberg removes the space that he was in, reappearing behind Innocent Zero. He then casts 'Spaces Bout', removing all of the space infront of him. Innocent Zero is able to dodge the attack, confusing Wahlberg.

Innocent Zero casts 'Timez Rewound', aiming for Wahlberg's left arm. This causes his arm and the left side of his face to shrivel up. He then says 'next it'll be your legs, Wahlberg.' In pain, Wahlberg says that Innocent Zero is exploiting the openings in his attacks. He wonders how powerful Innocent Zero has grown, calling him a monster. He then casts 'Spaces Bout' again, however this time he aims for the entire area that they are in. He thinks to himself that it is not enough, and continues to cut out the space in the area.

Despite this, Innocent Zero is uninjured and says 'It'll take more than that to defeat me.' He then casts 'Timez Rewound' again, weakening Wahlberg even further. He tells Wahlberg that it is useless for him to fight, as the difference in their strength has 'become too great.'

He explains that he always prioritizes himself and his ambitions, and that there is no sacrifice that he won't make. Whereas Wahlberg always looks out for those around him and never puts himself first. He then says 'Those without ego are weak, Wahlberg. You doomed yourself by letting others in.' As he says this, he lifts his wand and points it towards Wahlberg.

Wahlberg thinks back about his past and how he was born with a frail body. He says that he didn't achieve outstanding grades and that he was cowardly. He felt that there was no place for him in school so he rarely attended. His lack of confidence made him fearful, as he did not want to be rejected by others. To solve this problem, he rejected them before they ever got the opportunity to reject him. He viewed the world with pessimism as a bland and boring place. That was when he met his master.

Adam would always come and see Wahlberg without his permission, telling him a fact about an animal and telling him to come to school. No matter how many times he was rejected, Adam didn't stop trying. No matter what, he would try to involve himself with Wahlberg. Eventually, Wahlberg asked Adam why he kept coming to see him, to which he replied saying 'I guess I just can't leave you alone.' Wahlberg says that hearing this rescued him for himself.

Wahlberg tells Innocent Zero 'live for yourself, if that is truly what you desire. But I'm only alive due to the goodwill of others. Which is why I can never ignore those weaker than myself.' He then begins to released magic energy, saying that it may cost him his life. Seeing this, Innocent Zero thinks to himself that even among three-liners, very few have access to 'the epitome of magic.' Wahlberg then casts 'Spaces Thirds: Uranus Inclination.'

Chapter Notes

  • Wahlberg is shown as a child for the first time.
  • A Thirds spell is used for the first time.

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