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Wahlberg Baigan and the Greatest Danger is the seventieth chapter of the Mashle series and the twenty-seventh chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


After seeing Wahlberg casts a Thirds spell, Innocent Zero says that a Thirds spell unleashes the god's power dwelling within a wand. Wahlberg says that 'the magic of Uranus, God of Sky, which erases all within a space, cannot be avoided. As the headmaster of this school, I would go even further than this.'

'Uranus Inclination's' orb starts to rotate, but before it can do anything, Innocent Zero casts 'Timez Unmove' and says 'and you must be aware that no manner of attack can affect one who can control time.' He then launches numerous black kunai towards Wahlberg, and says that he will not recover from his wounds. Despite this, Wahlberg's magic stays active, confusing Innocent Zero. Wahlberg explains that Thirds unleashes the true power from within a wand, meaning that if you pour enough of your own magic into the wand, it will stay active even if you die.

Wahlberg says that he has been saving all of his power for 'this moment', saying that his 'Thirds will tear [Innocent Zero] apart, in exchange for my life.' After hearing this, Innocent Zero says 'You planned this from the beginning!!'

Wahlberg thinks to himself that he has not yet fulfilled his role, seeing images of his students appear in his brain. He thinks to himself that the world could become a much better place for those who are weak, like he used to be. Therefore, he must lead his students 'from the fore. Like my master did for me. I will show them through action.' As he says this, his Thirds activates.

Wahlberg and Innocent Zero reappear, as Innocent Zero reversed time before he was affected by the spell. He then sends more kunai towards Wahlberg and grabs him by the hair, ready to kill him. He says that Wahlberg is strong, but he will never surpass him. As this happens, Wahlberg reflects on his life, wondering if the world that he envisioned was 'so fragile that a small-minded, selfish belief can crush it underfoot.' Innocent Zero says 'Farewell, Wahlberg', who sheds a tear. Before he can do anything, Mash appears, knees Innocent Zero in the face, and says 'Gotcha!'

Chapter Notes

  • Wahlberg tries to sacrifice himself in order to defeat Innocent Zero but fails.
    • Innocent Zero prepares to kill Wahlberg, but Mash intervenes before he can.

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