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Mash Burnedead and the Origin of the Greatest Magic User is the seventy-first chapter of the Mashle series and the twenty-eighth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Wahlberg asks Mash what he is doing and says that he must leave, as Innocent Zero is trying to take him. Mash replies by saying that he was raised to be kind to his elders, making Wahlberg question if he sees him any differently than an old man crossing the street.

Innocent Zero surrounds Wahlberg in dark magic and tells him that by continuously reconfiguring his body, he has the ability to steal others' magic. He says that he already has Adam's magic, and now it is Wahlberg's turn. Mash attempts to pull Wahlberg out of the magic, but he isn't quick enough, as Innocent Zero says 'too late' and casts 'Spaces Bout'. After seeing this, Mash simply says 'Darn'.

Wahlberg is shocked to see that Innocent Zero was able to take his magic, and is even more shocked out how high his magic capacity is, saying that it is greater than his own. Innocent Zero says that he has 'the power I need to rule this world. It's mine for the taking. Mash Burnedead, you're next.' Wahlberg thinks to himself that all hope will be lost if he manages to take Mash away.

Mash rushes towards Innocent Zero and tries to kick him in the head, however just before Mash's kick connects, Innocent Zero makes dark magic appear around Mash's leg. Before it can make contact, Mash dashes backwards. Innocent Zero then says 'You felt it, didn't you? The overwhelming difference in power between us. I'm taking you back, Mash Burnedead.'

Magic then appears behind him and his body begins to change shape slightly. Mash is confused by this, but Wahlberg says that his magic power is greater than his body is capable of holding. Innocent Zero, now breathing heavily, says 'This is nothing. You are nothing but an ingredient. Your only purpose in life is to elevate me to a higher plane of being.' Wahlberg says that this is just his ego talking, and that Mash has the right to decide the course of his life. Mash then says 'Yeah, seconded.' Innocent Zero laughs and says that 'A human without magic will never be able to live in this world. Right, Wahlberg?'

After saying this, he swings Spaces Magic towards Wahlberg, who says that he has too little magic left to avoid it. Mash manages to grab Wahlberg and pull him out of the way in time. After saving Wahlberg, Mash says 'Pretty convenient, in a world where magic is everything, the strongest magic user is the big nasty. That's all the reason I need to beat your magic with my muscles. Then the world will accept me.' After hearing this, Innocent Zero laughs and says that he needs time to 'acclimate to this body' and that they will 'finish this later. Assuming this doesn't get you first' A giant creature then appears in the Colosseum, roaring into the sky.

Chapter Notes

  • Innocent Zero absorbs Wahlberg's magic power, becoming able to use Spaces Magic.
    • He retreats as his magic power has become greater than what his body is capable of holding.

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