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Mash Burnedead and the Giant's Chain is the seventy-second chapter of the Mashle series and the twenty-ninth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Wahlberg says that the creature could destroy the city in an instant. Innocent Zero then says that Mash sounded confident before and challenges him to stop the creature, questioning if someone without magic is even capable of doing so. Innocent Zero's spell then comes undone, causing everyone in the colosseum to be able to move again. They say that it felt as though they were asleep. They then see the creature and begin to panic as it starts to throw large rocks at them.

Lance pictures his sister in trouble and casts 'Graviole', stopping all of the rocks before they make contact. 'He then says you're always there when I need you, Anna'. Dot then casts 'Explomb', however a magic barrier appears in front of the creature before the spell can make contact. Kaldo explains that it is a magic-nullifying barrier, meaning that there should be another magic user controlling it. He says that they must find this magic user if they want to defeat the creature.

The creature then lifts up its fist and prepares to smash it down onto the colosseum, however it is stopped before it can do so. It struggles to move as Mash grabs the end of the chain that surrounds its body. The crowd recognise Mash as he engages in a game of tug of war with the creature. They start to question if they should leave this in Mash's hands, due to him not having magic. However, after seeing the amount of effort he is putting in to save them, they start to cheer him on.

Finn then says 'I wouldn't have believed it... Mash has been nothing but a pariah at school. Always on the verge of being expelled. Mash, who can't use magic, in a world where magic is everything. He's chasing the rules!!' He then shouts out saying 'You can do it, Mash!!' Mash then pulls the chain far above his head, and slams the creature down onto the floor.

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