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Mash Burnedead and the Summer of Fun is the seventy-third chapter of the Mashle series and the thirtieth chapter of the Divine Visionary Selection Exam Arc.


Kaldo runs through a forest and finds a man being pinned down by sand. He recognises the man on the ground as the one who was controlling the giant. Orter Mádl says that he is disappointed by Kaldo, as it seems that he has sided with Mash and that he doesn't accept him. Kaldo says that he never said that he accepted Mash either, although 'his strength is the real deal.'

Several days later, news of Innocent Zero's appearance at Easton Magic Academy spread across the world. The story that was written was that the Divine Visionaries were the ones that drove him off, although many didn't believe it. After this, the Bureau of Magic focused on strengthening their security and stopping information from leaking to the outside. Mash, who was at the centre of the incident, was the only one who knew the truth.

At the beach, Mash, Dot, Lance and Finn say that they have never been to the beach with friends before. Finn questions if they should be there, due to what had just happened. Dot and Mash both say that it is 'times like these when you gotta smash melons.' Dot then hands Mash a slaughtermelon, which wraps it's tentacles around Mash's head. Dot says that it will drain Mash's blood, however Mash smashes his head into the ground and destroys it.

Finn says that he cannot believe that Mash is Innocent Zero's child. Lance then says that 'given Mash's unfavourable position, they're going to make him take the fall for this somehow.' After he says this, Lemon says that none of it was Mash's fault and that it is the opposite of the peace that Mash wants. Wahlberg thens says that 'this will be Mash's greatest trial yet.' Wahlberg's presence surprises them and makes them ask why he is there. He says that he is there as it is 'summer time'.

He then says 'as you all know, Mash Burnedead will never know peace unless we are able to defeat Innocent Zero.' He says that Innocent Zero possesses Timez, the most powerful of all personal magics, as well as Wahlberg's Spaces magic. He also says that he uses forbidden magic to increase his power. Because of this, he says that calling Innocent Zero the most powerful magic user in history is no exaggeration. He tells them that he is also guarded by Mash's five siblings, who are each equal to or stronger than Wahlberg. He says that he is certain that it will be the end of the world unless they stop them. He says that, under normal circumstances, there chances of winning would be nearly zero, however Mash increased those odds. Lemon says that they can't put Mash up against the strongest magic user in the world. Mash says that it is okay as 'either I win or I lose. I've got a 50 percent chance. And these muscles have never lost. So that bumps me up to 100 percent.'

Wahlberg then thinks to himself that Mash also has 'boundless optimism and desire to help the weak' and says that he is counting on him. Mash says to leave it to him as he will bring peace to the world and graduate together with everyone. Lance then says that the end-of-semester test is soon and asks what Mash will do as he is one failing grade away from expulsion, which causes Mash to say 'Uh-oh'.

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