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Mash Burnedead and the Challenging Magic User is the eighth chapter of the Mashle series and the eighth chapter of the Easton Enrollment Arc.


Tom and Lemon pester Mash about Duelo practice and magical studies respectively, all while Finn stands by and watches. Mash tries to get help from Finn, but he feigns sleeping, making Mash call him a traitor. A young man, known as Lance Crown then approaches the group and asks to join. Tom doesn't know who Lance is, however, Lemon recognizes him as the man who ranked first in the entrance exams. Immediately, Lance proposes a game involving a bottle that's a special magical tool. With it, Lance entraps Tom, Finn, and Lemon into the bottle and proclaims that Mash should meet him in the forest behind the owl shed.

Afterward, Mash confronts Lance at the predetermined location, he wagers two of his silver coins in a duel with Mash. The rules to the duel are simple, the first one to surrender to the other wins and Lance, completely confident that he'll win. Panic-stricken, Lemon, Finn, and Tom try to dissuade Mash from fighting against Lance, but Mash tacitly accepts. To start things off, Lance uses his magical spell Graviole on the surrounding area. Using the opportunity to his advantage, Mash tries to land a strike against Lance, but the young man uses his magic against Mash pinning him to the ground. Appearing to futilely get-up from the ground, he was in fact uprooting a large tree root that floors Lance. Mash then approaches the grounded Lance and claims that he didn't know he enjoyed rolling around on the ground as well.

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